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Network by olof 13 comments

I'd much prefer the source with the CHOICE of using scons or .configure . makes it a pain in the ... to make a package and very annoying . why is it so hard for it to come with .configure,make plus the ability and ease of adding optiions changing the prefix etc etc . I don't like that scons app at all . I tried it and removed it and it will stay removed . - Aug 31 2006

Graphic Apps by NNlinux 7 comments

well it might use gtk2 but it allso works in kde ;D - Aug 06 2006

Various KDE Stuff by manaha 15 comments

would have tried it but I don't see why it couldn't work with mysql. Mysql works with out installing another one for 1 app . hopefully you make it qwork with both thanks - Aug 06 2006