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fil ensoreus Zhitomir, Ukraine

Window-Maker Themes by ensoreus 4 comments

Thank you.
I'm really miss my WindowMaker though I switched to OSX. - Mar 24 2014

Window-Maker Themes by ensoreus 4 comments

Так он не перекомпиленый. - Jan 06 2014

Education Apps by joachim 97 comments

hmmm, apostoles: Pavel, Peter, and other apostoles, prophets, evangelists (Jesus Christ by passport) were Jews. 75 book in Bible written by Jewish hand. So, what about Einstein?
About the Old Testaments: 3d book of Ezra 7:28, 52,53,54 chapters of Isaiah's book, 21(22) chapter of Psalms. I have no an english translate of Bible to quote it here, but i guess, you have it ;-)
So, where do you think Buddists will come if they are not beleive nor in hell neither in paradize? If you think that God will accept all of people, who just simply makes good(in his own mind and manner) but beleive in something diffrent(Buddah, Allah, money, Wicca, nothing at all), it's your own faith, religion and imaging about God. It's your will, let it be ;-) But the Truth does not depends on our imagins. So, for some questions email me, couse it seems, its offtopic on this site. - Feb 10 2006