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Emanuel Eberle Karlsruhe, Germany

Wallpaper Other by epse 2 comments

if you wouldn't download the screenshot instead of the real picture you shouldn't see my Desktop icons. ;)

It is the Preview you've downloaded and not the Picture itself. So don't blame on me saying what I've made wrong... better look on yourself and your "little mistake" :D


- Apr 17 2008
Puerto Ibiza

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Very beautiful shot! - Jul 31 2007
Castle Karlsruhe

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Thanks thanks thanks! :)

Greetings back to all ;) - Jun 17 2007

Nature by epse 2 comments

First I've to say it is sharp.. but only in the middle Cause of aperture 4 (hope thats the right word)

And I tried not to transform in BW... I did it! ;)

NOT an Interesting shot... hmm... thats your opinion. OK...

Some People like it and others don't. Thanks to KDE-Look YOU won't have to take it as Wallpaper and can choose the one you like! - Apr 03 2007
Here comes the Sun_1600

Wallpaper Other by epse 2 comments

Thanks a lot!

It gave me some new ideas to remove it :)

See V2 :) - Mar 29 2007