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Plasma 4 Extensions by erbt001 5 comments

look at your messagebox :)) - Feb 05 2010

Board by upsala 1 comment

make command output error here:
scene.cpp: In member function `void Scene::init(int)':
scene.cpp:65: error: `clear' was not declared in this scope
scene.cpp:65: warning: unused variable 'clear'
make: *** [scene.o]
- Feb 16 2008

Network by erbt001 4 comments

if you intend portable application, sorry just not support.Because config directory not changeable.

But two version is compatible. you can use database file both windows and linux.

File->Export->Crypted Database File
and you can import other OS.

I'll add this support next release(changeable database and config directory and portable solution). (Good idea!!)
Thanks for your concern. - Jan 19 2008