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Erik Van Vogt Spokane, United States of America
Looking behind you

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 5 comments

Nice wallpapers, but what's with the text? I don't get it. - Aug 24 2009
Tux vs Windows 7 Fish

Wallpapers Windows by YAFU 6 comments

This wallpaper is awesome :)
Everyone I show it to totally loves it (even my Windows fan friends)!

Keep up the good work! - May 29 2009
Pinux-tux-Cursors (edited)

Cursors by Padster 4 comments

Excellent work ;)
A little cartoon-esque looking, nice overall. I'm using the Ubuntu one on my laptop.

I'd like to see another addition ;) maybe less rounded corners and thinner border on the pointers? - Apr 25 2009
Blue Note

Plasma 4 Extensions by Mazoon 16 comments

alto clef 4tw ;) - Apr 25 2009
Sweet Darkness

Bootsplash Various by N3m3siS 1 comment

VERY nice ;) Matches my login screen ;)
One request... could you make an optional one that does not say "Welcome to grub"?
Than it would be 100% cool ;) - Feb 26 2009
Sidebar With Clock

Karamba & Superkaramba by Israphel 14 comments

Is it just me, or is this theme a major resource hog? I can use another cpu monitor and toggle this side bar on and off and watch the cpu usage drastically change. Just a thought. Maybe there's something you can do here? Otherwise good theme. - Jul 04 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by kedondong 5 comments

I like the look, but it's missing a bunch of icons. Keep adding to it and it'll be perfect! - Feb 29 2008