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Erik Xian , United States of America
Aurora Borealis

GTK2 Themes by permafrost91 10 comments

Thanks for this wonderful theme. I uploaded my modification of it under the name Aurora Australis.

You can see it here. - Jun 19 2009

System Sounds by Puli 104 comments

Hm, I see! I still find the 9th a bit unsettling (after experimenting a bit, Amaj7 with the strings on G# sounded the best to me). Either way, I don't think it's that big of a deal—I don't notice it unless I'm carefully listening to it. - May 22 2008

System Sounds by Puli 104 comments

I love this theme. My only complaint is that in Dream Intro.wav, the strings that play the B towards the end sort of sounds off to me. I think it'd sound better with a C# instead. - May 22 2008