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Russ Behne , United States of America
Unconstitutional USA.

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Clifford, We don't need you to tell us that Nazi's don't like the freedom of critical thought. We know that already.

Calling someone a `commie bastard' just because he doesn't like National Socialism is a logic fallacy called `Argumentum ad Hominem' --- which means "attacking the person instead of the issue". It is always wrong, and indicates that you have no rational argument to offer, so you resort to moronic insults, which is indicitave of a consideral lack of intelligence on your part.

The person who created this splash is merely pointing out the obvious - that the actions of the Bush Regime is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and HARMFULL to our nation's freedom. As such, I consider the author to be a TRUE Patriot, (as opposed to a voiceferious, self-declared, albeit faux, `patriot' of the Bush regime.)

Do you believe that your vulgar insult will somehow empower you over others, Clifford? Bush, like other Republicans and Democrats, suffers from `power lust'. Ayn Rand said that power lust is a weed that grows in the vacant lot of an empty mind.

Do you lust for power, Clifford? Is vulgarity and brutality the way to achieve the power you lust after; power over the lives of others? It worked for the Nazis. I guess you think it'll work for you too.

I believe I'll uphold everyone's Constitutional RIGHT to freedom of speech in whatever form it takes. As a former member of the armed forces, and as a true Patriot, I swore an oath to protect the Constitution from all it's enemies, foriegn AND DOMESTIC. Bush and his crew violate the Constitution daily. Of the 10 Amendments, the 3rd is the only one he hasn't violated.... yet.

Clifford, are YOU an enemy of my Country's Constitution? By attacking people who have freely exercised their rights you indicate to me that you are.

1. Real `commie bastards' have a documented history of supressing speech, attacking those who criticize the government.
2. You are attacking those who criticize the government.
Therefore, logic dictates that it must be YOU who is the real `commie bastard' here, if anyone is.

Or are you just a Nazi? - Jul 19 2007
Guardian Angel

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I have 3 things to say:
1. Watch it all.
2. Read it all.
3. Enjoy it all. - Jul 19 2007