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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by UbuntuMez 116 comments

Very usefull. I have a feature request: How about the ability to "tab" between files if multiple are found in the amaroK db?

Eg. if I type "Nirvana", and only know I want to listen to Nirvana, not which song. Having functionality that makes it go to the next song found when pressing the TAB-key would be great. (Shift-Tab for reverse)

Keep up the good work. - Mar 22 2006

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

This is one of the killer-apps I can't do without! Thanks for the great work! - Mar 22 2006

Board by espentveit 5 comments

I've made a installer-script. You can use it if you want to install the game. (You'll have to download the new version) - Mar 21 2006

Board by espentveit 5 comments

I know. You have to play it from the src-folder or copy the binary and the data-folder to another folder of your choosing.

The "make install" part doesn't work yet. I tried for some hours to make it install the data-files, but without luck. I'll try some more, but automake doesn't like me;P. - Mar 21 2006