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Ethan Shalev
Language Flags for Ubuntu Mono Light

Full Icon Themes by scottiw2000 10 comments

I've been using this since 10.04 through 12.04. But upon upgrading to 12.10, it no longer works, and just displays a "forbidden" icon. - Oct 21 2012
Google menu Ubuntu theme

Various Gnome Stuff by Gerd34 23 comments

I've been happily using this for the past several months. I love it.
However, with the recent changed that Google made to their UI, this now breaks things a little.
Think you could fix it?

-Ethan - Feb 16 2012

Conky by ArnoNymus 92 comments

The instructions include installing the PPA conkyhardcore, but this PPA does not (yet?) have a version for Oneiric. As such, the weather widget does not work.

Can you suggest a work-around? - Oct 19 2011

Conky by ArnoNymus 92 comments

I modified the files in the .conky folder, and changed own_window_type to desktop.
Now, when I minimize all windows, this remains visible.
This setting also overrides the own_window_hints setting.
I'd recommend removing those and setting own_window_type to desktop upstream.

Even more so, rather than have the same settings in 4 files, I'd put them in one file that's called from the other 4, that way you only need to make modifications to one place. - Feb 10 2011

Conky by ArnoNymus 92 comments

perfect! - Jan 27 2011

Conky by ArnoNymus 92 comments

I think this looks beautiful! I just installed it. thanks!

My one complaint is that I can't seem to get it to connect to gmail. From what I've seen while googling this issue, is that I'm not the first one to encounter it.
I'd appreciate it if you could offer a solution.
Thanks! - Jan 26 2011