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The Icon theme is LiNsta-icons 0.3, I think ( - Sep 16 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 13 comments

Please edit the file.
Add the next line before the line 293 with the good indentation (1 tab, I think) :

print "Total swap :", stats["total"]

Run again in a terminal as a test (in the main dir, run ./ --nautilus if you are in GNOME).
If the swap is detected, you can see your swap size.
Otherwise, there is someting wrong with pystatgrab module.

Please, tell me.

Thank you. - Sep 10 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 13 comments

Do you have a swap partition ? This part of the code is about swap. If you don't have swap, you have this error.

I supposed there was always a swap partition in any linux box. Am I wrong ? - Sep 08 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 10 comments

What enhancements would you like to see ? - Sep 06 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 10 comments

Adesklets works fine with python 2.4.
I didn't test it with python 2.5, but it should work.
Adesklets requires Imlib2 python lib to work.
It's seems that your ~/.fonts.conf is bad. I have no ~/.fonts.conf file in my home dir. So try to remove it (or rename it) and test again.
Did you try an other desklet with your Adesklets instal ?
Look at ubuntu 7.04 forums for help. - Sep 06 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 10 comments

About the size of the photo/picture, it's defined in the theme's config file ('photo_height' and 'photo_width'), as explained in the README file. - Aug 28 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 10 comments

About Configure in the menu : You must define an environment variable called "EDITOR" with the path of your favorite editor.
Then when you select Configure in the menu, your editor is launched with config.txt. You can modify it and save the file. Then the desklet is updated.
It's not the best way to change the config. I'm working on a GTK+/GNOME plugin to configure the desklet. But, for now, I have not the competence to do it. So if someone can help me ...

About the size of the photo, you can't change its size simply. For now, there are only 2 sizes defined : 120x90 and 320x240.
-120x90 for LiNstaBlack and LiNstaTranslucent themes;
-320x240 for LiNstaBlackLarge, LiNstaTranslucentLarge, BlueWood, RedWood, Pile, and Metallic.
It's because the background is a picture.
In future version, I'll change this to be able to modify the size of the picture.
But, as I said, if you are working on a new theme/skin, you can share it. - Aug 28 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 10 comments

First, sorry : it was not '/pass/to/Images/dir' but '/path/to/Images/dir'.

I'm french ... so, my english ... :-)

'/path/to/Images/dir' is the path to your images (photos or anything else) directory.

You have to change this path in the config.txt file, at the line begining with : 'file_path'.

I wrote that in the description of this adesklet. But, I forgot to say it in the README file. Sorry. - Aug 27 2007

Conky by etiennealaurent 13 comments

I never tested LiNsta-XCPUMeter on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon AMD64 nor any other AMD64 distro.
If adesklets can be installed on any AMD64 distro, with pystatgrab module, then I think you can use LiNsta-XCPUMeter. - Aug 27 2007
Net Monitor Screenlet

Conky by Whise 21 comments

It seems that this is not a gdesklet but a screenlet (compatible with Compiz Fusion).

So don't think to install it with gdesklet. - Aug 21 2007
Vista desktop --- ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots by Whise 5 comments

As you saw (I'm the LiNsta creator), I like the Vista look.
I must admit that your work is really great ;-) - Aug 20 2007

GTK2 Themes by xlcheese 63 comments

Interesting "deviation" ;-) - Jul 17 2007
I didn't test my theme with a more recent version of Gnome (I'm on Gnome 2.14). Perhaps, it's that raison. I don't know. With Gnome 2.14, all is fine.

Tell me more. - Jun 30 2007
Thank you :-) - Jun 29 2007
I remember I had this kind of problems. I don't know how it occurs. I think it's Murrina engine, but really I'm not sure. I don't have this problem on my Ubuntu Dapper box, with Murrina engine 0.53.
Can you try using Murrina 0.53 ? and tel me if it's bad. - Jun 29 2007
Oh ... Thank you ... I don't know what to say ... - Jun 29 2007
I created and tested this theme with Murrina engine version 0.53 (not 0.53.1 because of a bug).
I forgot differences between 0.52 and 0.53 but this can explain the bad rendering.
I also noticed Murrina engine had strange and unexpected reactions.

If someone using 0.52 version has also this kind of reactions, please tell me. - Jun 27 2007
Did you install murrina and pixbuf engines ? You need them to apply this theme.

About the window borders, you won't find them in Murrina-LiNsta because Murrina-LiNsta is a GTK2 theme, not Emerald nor Compiz nor Metacity theme.

To have the same look, you have to install Beryl and Emerald, and to go in the Beryl section of this site and find a "vista-ish" theme, like "VistaBlack", "Vista-Linux", or "True-Vista Experience" or an other one.

If you don't want (or if you can't) install Beryl/Emerald, or Compiz, you can use the Gnome default windows manager aka Metacity. I posted some "vista-ish" themes in a LiNsta Pack (

About Firefox bug, Firefox needs a specific theme because it is partially incompatible with Gnome ones. - Jun 27 2007
I don't think so. Perhaps I'm wrong. What is your version of Murrina engine ? Are you using Gnome-Color-Chooser ? - Jun 26 2007
I had these same difficulties.
In this new theme, with this gtkrc (without your code), the panel stuffs are modified and, in my case, there are no longer these problems.

I tried your code and I noticed the font color is not good (black), and some applet backgrounds are white.

If anyone else has the same difficulties, let me know. I will work on. - Jun 26 2007
You have to install Beryl or Compiz, and change some parameters to make panels, dropdownmenus and popupmenus more translucent. - Jun 26 2007
Oh, I understand ... not like Win...XP.
The best thing I have to say to you is to experiment yourself customizing Gnome (oops, my english is not as good as I would like ... I'm french, and everybody knows french people don't speak English ;-)

In fact, and I'm very sorry, I haven't time to explain you how to do to improve your computer look.

But, here is a good link where you will find a lot of explanations :

Good luck for this exploration :-) - Jun 25 2007
Seriously, I am impressed to see the succes of this theme.
So, many thanks for you, and for all those who like my job, and support me.

I'll publish soon other things to improve vista-ish look.

My best icon themes to use with are, in my opinion :
- nuoveXT (
- Complexity ( - Jun 25 2007
First, many thanks for your support and your interest

The icons theme seen on screenshots is not part of Ubuntu distro.

So you can delete the "Murrina-LiNsta" file in the ~/.themes/Murrina-LiNsta folder. The complete LiNsta-Murrina theme won't be seen in the theme pref window, and you'll be able to access it via theme-detail button. - Jun 25 2007
In nautilus, go to "Backgrounds and emblems" sub-menu in "Edit" menu.
The "Backgrounds and emplems" window appears.
Now, you can add a new pattern : select the folder where your bkg img is, then select that img.
The new pattern is now in the pattern list you can use to change nautilus backgrounds.

You can find my backgrounds in the sub-folder "Nautilus-background" in the Murrina-LiNsta archive. - Jun 25 2007
Have a look to the gtkrc file, at the end of this file. You'll see specific settings for nautilus. - Jun 24 2007
It's not a sound applet : each button is a launcher with its own icon and its own command.
For example, the play button is associated with the command "exaile --play".
In fact, I used the Almond xmms theme to make each button.
Oh, I forgot to thank Almond for its work. - Jun 24 2007
It's not an illusion. It's Beryl 0.3.0 with Emerald in their Dapper version (I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 aka Dapper Drake). - Jun 24 2007
The wheather desklet is an adesklet. I have to improve it before I publish it. - Jun 24 2007
Thank you. I think I will publish some of them soon. - Jun 24 2007
For now, it's not a real side bar. I modified the wallpaper to make the illusion.

In a next version of these adesklets, there will be a real side bar. - Jun 24 2007
LiNsta is Not Vista ;-)

Gnome Screenshots by sintagm 5 comments

I would like to say that the original LiNsta theme creator (for GDM, Metacity and GTK) is me, Etienne Alaurent.

Here, you can find all the related links:

Some screenshots :

Original LiNsta GDM themes :

Original LiNsta Metacity themes :

Original LiNsta GTK 2 theme :

So, don't forget I spent a lot of time to build all this.
LiNsta is a name I invented. It's literally : "LiNsta : LiNsta is Not Vista ;-)". So, do you understand why the name is LiNsta ?
I would like this name could remain associated with my work : I'll publish soon my new LiNsta theme and other stuffs for LiNsta. Look at my last screenshot.
So, please, can you change your theme's name ? - Jun 21 2007
ALmOnD Dark theme

XMMS Skins by kira 13 comments

Your work is good.
I like your second screenshot.
Which font are you using for the desktop icons ? - Jun 12 2007

GTK2 Themes by slawomir 14 comments

And a mod of my work (I'm the author of the LiNsta themes).
Please can you change your theme's name ?
LiNsta is a name I invented. It's literally : "LiNsta : LiNsta is Not Vista". So, do you understand why the name is LiNsta ?
I also would like this name could remain associated with my work : I'll publish soon my new LiNsta theme and other stuffs for LiNsta.

Thank you. - May 08 2007
If you want the window title to appear in the center, you have to go in the metacity theme you are using (in the considered folder under your .themes dir) and edit the metacity-theme-1.xml file.

The lines 49 to 92 define how the title bar will appear when the window is focused or unfocused. You have to rewrite the good position for the title and the icon.

To have the good position, you can go to see which formula to use in another theme where the title is centered and apply it.

For the icon theme, yes, I'm really using nuoveXT-1.6 with some new icons for certain apps I found over the net - Jul 21 2006
nuoveXT 1.6 - Jul 20 2006
Oh, yes. I didn't understand it was about the text ... Sorry ...

Yes, I have the same bug. For now, I did not seek yet to solve it.

Does somebody have the solution? - Jul 20 2006
I'm using "S2 High End". You can find it on deviantART.
I think it is one of the best themes I used.
Almond's theme is also fine.

deviantART is very cool for good ideas. - Jul 19 2006
Hummm ... It's trange because I don't have this bug. What version of Firefox and Thunderbird are you using ?
Mine is for Firefox, and I don't use Thunderbird. And all is fine.
I don't know what to say :-( - Jul 19 2006
Thank you. - Jul 19 2006
Thank you. - Jul 19 2006
yes, yes, yes ... and ... yes !!! - Jul 18 2006
Its name is "Waiting for the sun again" and you can find it in deviantART. The artist's name is lassekongo83. - Jul 18 2006
English is not my mother language. So I'm not really able to tell you what I can think about what you are saying here.

First, have a look to RaKris comment.

Then, what I can say is that : I think every OS has its good and bad things. My tastes at this time go to Vista look, not to Micro$oft OS. One or two years ago, I made an OSX like theme, because I thought its look was very cool. Not because I thought Mac OSX was the best OS.

Today there are many OSX and Vista themes around the net. Everybody can choose its prefered theme, and it's **FREEDOM**. Isn't it ?

So, when you say "... please, don't let it seem that way, create an original theme, not a Microsoft clone.", it's you opinion, not mine. You can defend it, it's you choice. But not here.

If you don't want "a Microsoft clone", go away.

Let people choose what is the best for them. It is not your problem. - Jul 17 2006
The desklets are adesklets. I created them like a test of adesklets.

Go to for more details about adesklets.

For the bottom panel, see previous comments. - Jul 17 2006
No ... If you want to select this theme by choosing it from System->Preferences->Theme, you have to select each part of a metatheme you will define (your metacity theme, your gtk2/Gnome theme, and your icon theme), then save them with a new name, and a description. The new metatheme will appear in the theme list. - Jul 17 2006
I am glad to see that you enjoy this theme. Thank you. - Jul 17 2006
Thank you for your reply to the last question. - Jul 17 2006
Thank you ;-)

wikiguy12345 answered your questions below. Thanks to him ;-) - Jul 17 2006
That mac like bar in bottom panel is simply a gnome panel with a particular background.
You can find this background in the LiNsta-GTK2/gtk-2.0/Panel folder (panel-bg-translucent-48.png or panel-bg-translucent-2-48.png or any other file). - Jul 17 2006