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Mar 03 2016
Comments in the script would have really helped. If you can suggest a better one (at least in comments) so I have a better idea what I am changing. An, idea I had, and something that could have really helped was if "GTK widget factory" was a little more help in what your changing. Say a hover effect that told you what element or what the object is.. Point is, i could have done better if I knew what it was I was editing, half the time I seen no effect of what I was doing or couldn't find the element it was referring too... - Mar 07 2016
Not sure I get you...
I dont think it actually exist in the css files I edited... the part I am talking about is the volume overlay icons (some like 64pt or which ever the size is) when you use your keyboard to lower or turn up the volume, same with the brightness icon its also still white and as well has the icon labels on the dash/application menu - Mar 03 2016