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Chat & Messenging by EuroElessar 16 comments

This is topic at russian's part of forum:
I'm sorry, but there are no duplicates at english part. - this is the url of latest sources
Also it is not the only available plugin) - Mar 20 2009

Chat & Messenging by EuroElessar 16 comments

The reason of both "problems" is that plugins are not a part of a core. They have different svn reps and usualy are developed by different people.
I think that it is the most flexible decision. Just look at situation that there would be a lot of realizations of icq, like Miranda has.

Why Jabber uses cmake but another plugins not? Because it is hard to use 3d-party libs like zlib and gnutls with qmake. But it is easer to create project for qt as a pro project. So Jabber, KDENotification and other not Qt-only plugins are using cmake, but more simple ones are using qmake. - Mar 08 2009

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