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Neon Glamour

Beryl/Emerald Themes by nestort 2 comments

Hey I'm glad you're using the icons :D That looks really good :) - Sep 12 2010
YAUW Dual Screen

Wallpaper Other by euxneks 2 comments

Well it's SVG source so you can open it up in Inkscape and make it smaller yourself if you'd like :) Inkscape is really easy to use. - Jan 24 2009
Ubuntu Studio Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by DRoy 16 comments

***Some browsers dont render the gloss in the top half correctly (IExplorer)***

Ha! Who cares?! haha

Looks really nice =) - May 11 2007
Ghost in the Shell - misc svg vector art

Various Gnome Stuff by H3g3m0n 4 comments

Sweet work dude! - Apr 13 2007
Cubic Confetti Dream

Skydomes by demiurgicdaemon 10 comments

Diamond Confetti =) - Mar 31 2007
Soft Flower Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by blueshome 9 comments

A search on Google reveals all:
8. How do I change the GNOME splash screen?

To change the splash screen, put the downloaded image in an unobtrusive location (since it will need to remain there as long as you want it to be the splash screen). A logical location would be ~/.gnome/splash.png (or .jpeg if the image is a JPEG). Then, edit the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_screen using the Configuration Editor (Panel menu->System Tools->Configuration Editor) or the commandline tool gconftool-2.
- Mar 17 2007
Daisy Daisy.. Give me your answer do....

Wallpaper Other by euxneks 2 comments

Thanks! I appreciate the comment =) - Oct 16 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

And so wouldn't I. That's why I don't let third parties the control on what my childrens are exposed to. That control is on me, and only on me.

True, however, there is a certain amount of decency that generally all human societies have, though varying in extremes, we can expect some people not to show their bodily parts to a child - this is generally considered unacceptable specifically because society as a whole has defined the moral limits of decency. But then again there are nudist camps. I have no idea what they consider "decent". :P

It's not really clear what you mean by "such" and how that concept of "such" fits into the concept of "art" ... or are you willing to state that "art" is only "art" if it fits into the boundaries of some undetermined limits (namely: a "such")?

Naked bodies and/or body parts. They're not really something that I would want on my desktop - again, this varies from person to person so I guess I should state that this is my opinion. =) So, my opinion: "I would prefer there not to be a pornographic section/ adult section to" I think of as a place where people can gather to share what is considered traditionally as Appolonian art. The stuff that looks nice and has symmetry, utilitarian maybe, etc. etc.

Yet the answer to the question "why should free expression be cercenated in order to let uncareful parents not to fulfill their legal duties and responsabilities" is something that _still_ really eludes me.

I think he/she meant "censored" ;P I agree with not censoring, but we can still decide where we go and who we allow ourselves to associate with when we approach there. As far as I know, this is a community based website and as such there isn't complete freedom. We all expect each other not to post extremes on the site and I think nude pictures are pushing it a bit too far. Topless women are still a little bit far, but I guess that's my North American (Canada actually) close-mindedness. (Is that a word?) I enjoy the female body (nekkid, as it were) as much as the next red-blooded male but I would have to say that this hasn't been in the past a site to post this kind of art. (as far as I'm aware).. I think we should keep it that way.

Note: Since I had last posted one of the previews has cut the top and bottom parts of the wallpapers off to censor certain body parts of the female persuasion =) - Sep 06 2006
amaroK Super-sonic Wolf

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 5 comments

Based around the wolf from euneks' brilliant icon

My Friend, flattery will get you everywhere, thanks for the compliment, and this is a great icon!


I love open-source. - Sep 06 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by skullbooks 4 comments

I like the silhouette style of it. =D - Sep 06 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

Wouldn't it be easier if those children's parents looked after him and took the apropiate measures to prevent their children for getting a glimps of such an obscenity as human nudity?

To a certain degree. I think it's not right for parents to expect other people to look after their children for them, but in that same vein of thought, we have to consider what the implications are of exposing a child to such material. I doubt it's as scarring or traumatic for a child to be exposed to a naked woman as it is to be taught that the naked body is something that should be hidden and embarrassed about.

Should the internet turn itself into a children's playground and all the knowledge shared whithin it be only as complex as a child can understand, because otherwise children might not comprehend what it means and thus missinterpret it?

Hrm. I was going to say this is irrelevant but knowledge of sex is still knowledge. I think we have to accept sooner or later that once a child has access to something as large as the internet, they are going to learn things. However, having said that, I don't think I would want any child of mine to be looking at pictures of nude women, much less placing them on their desktop.

So, what's the solution? I don't think should have an XXX section of the site, because that could easily become very scary and take over the site - it is after all the basest nature of man to procreate.

On the other hand, I usually come here to gather pictures of plants, serene images etc. etc. that have mostly to do with linux. I don't look for pictures like this on because I don't think of as a repository for these images and I am glad of that.

Yes, she has a nice body, smooth skin etc. etc. All very admirable, but this is not the place to post such pictures. - Sep 05 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by nixjunkie 8 comments

No no no, not a bad review. I like the render. It looks nice to me.. The words just put me off a bit that's all. =) And I figure if I'm going to be a critic I might as well explain my reasoning.. Everyone has their own preference.. =) - Jul 18 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by nixjunkie 8 comments

It's kind of depressing... I like the render but maybe instead of the tag "Why so Alone" how about something along the lines of "Why do they titter so" (Monty Python quote anyone? )

I certainly don't think Linux is about being alone.. It's almost always a collaborative effort in building, installation, and usage.

Just my $0.02

=) - Jul 16 2006

Screensavers by carstenw42 55 comments

What about being able to slow down the effect and selecting different transitions?

Excellent screensaver btw... - Jan 18 2006
Opera icon

Icon Sub-Sets by manlord 4 comments

Can you make another set which has the red O as well? Or post the source so people can do it themselves?

Thanks! - Sep 23 2005
AmaroK splash v1.4

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by mokuias 11 comments

I like it! Nice job! - Aug 22 2005
Moodin (Engine) + Themes

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by moodwrod 244 comments

Great prog by the way!

Are you going to make a dev site on sourceforge for this? (Or, pick your OSS site, whatever)

Also, when moodin renders the image, it renders the dynamic part before the static part.. ie. in the fingerprint hand, the fingerprint gets rendered leaving a white background and then the background gets rendered.. I dunno if this is a common thing but it occurs on my system.. Let me know what you need to know to figure out the solution to this problem.. =) - Aug 09 2005
[mac Style]

KDE Plasma Screenshots by brainlessgeek 15 comments

Is it bad that I missed the naked boobies because I was wondering what you typed in the konsole? =\ Man I'm losing touch. - Apr 06 2005
(KDE-look t-shirt) Eyecandy

Various Artwork by euxneks 8 comments

Well dangit! Most people don't agree with you.. hrmmm.. maybe if I call it a women's t-shirt.. =) - Jan 29 2005
(KDE-look t-shirt) Eyecandy

Various Artwork by euxneks 8 comments

However, you do have a good point. I'm going to change it a bit.. =) - Jan 27 2005
KDE-Look T-Shirt - Retro Gaming Ref.

Various Artwork by dadeisvenm 2 comments

That would be a little hard on the ol' throat. =D - Jan 27 2005
(KDE-look t-shirt) Eyecandy

Various Artwork by euxneks 8 comments

I thought it was another word for eye-candy?..? Guess I was wrong =P - Jan 27 2005
KDE-Look T-Shirt - Power

Various Artwork by dadeisvenm 7 comments

I dunno why, but it reminds me of Transformers for some reason. =D I like Transformers.

Very cool idea for the shirt - Jan 24 2005
Firefox and Thunderbird Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by jizzbiscuit 5 comments

Can you put up a preview image please? - Jan 22 2005
XandrOS Ribbons (3.0)

Wallpaper Other by euxneks 5 comments

I can also do some different colors (not blue) if someone wants me to. - Jan 22 2005
( T-Shirt) EYE

Various Artwork by euxneks 6 comments

well, is there a gear somewhere that I can use for free? I've sort of put it together from the KDE logo. (looks ugly to me too) - Jan 18 2005
( T-Shirt) EYE

Various Artwork by euxneks 6 comments

First contest sumbission for the tshirt contest.

I am prepared for my world to get rocked by better artists though. =) - Jan 18 2005
Amarok - Blue Wolf

Various Artwork by flow 39 comments

I'm glad it's a howling wolf at least ;) Congratulations on your win! - Jan 11 2005
Laughing Man SVG

Various Stuff by euxneks 8 comments

I noticed that too. Fixed it and am uploading a newer version now... - Jan 06 2005
Laughing Man SVG

Various Stuff by euxneks 8 comments

This is for all the people out there who want a Laughing man logo on a Tshirt, whatever.. One thing I request though, is I'd like to know where it ends up.. =) I'm always interested in things that people do. - Jan 06 2005 ShiskaBerry Marijuana #2

Wallpaper Other by madhattr 12 comments

You know smoking pot is bad for you right? Right now some guy downstairs who I _know_ smokes it habitually is coughing up a lung... =\ Enh. To each their own I suppose. =) - Jan 06 2005
amaroK: Wolf Howl

Various Artwork by euxneks 27 comments

I don't know if I'm allowed to change it now that the contest is closed, but for the record- I _can_ change the color of anything upon request. - Jan 03 2005
AM-a-RoK-star - The Band

Various Artwork by dadeisvenm 17 comments

You should do a KISS version.. =P - Dec 31 2004
This is pretty funny dude. You should make it crash the whole computer though.. wait.. would that be considered an app then? or a virus? .... =P - Dec 28 2004
AM-a-RoK-star - The Band

Various Artwork by dadeisvenm 17 comments

He meant the hanksloc guy ==> he was being an ass. - Dec 15 2004
Amarok - Dark Wolf

Various Artwork by flow 30 comments

I hope you don't mind me giving a suggestion?

I was thinking the wolf outline shouldn't be under the crystal look.. you know that white gradient you have in a circle to give it that shiny look? I was thinking that you should make the wolf part of it's own crystal..

I dunno if I got that across properly...
ie. right now it looks like the wolf is inside a glass marble and it doesn't really "pop" out to me .. =) Other than that, it's a nice icon. =) - Dec 15 2004
Flattened Gentoo

KDE Plasma Screenshots by CGP-Saint-OP 2 comments

Don't you have a color monitor? ;P

Nice desktop though. - Dec 13 2004
roKy the amaroK wolf

Various Artwork by theobroma 10 comments

Dangit! I was going to do something similar to this and you beat me to it! Don't know if I could have realized it as well though.. =D Nice icon! - Dec 12 2004

Various Artwork by euxneks 7 comments

... ? I thought the small icon looked fine... - Dec 11 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by strawnman 4 comments

yes, what is the windeco? - Dec 11 2004
amaroK: Wolf Howl

Various Artwork by euxneks 27 comments

I have solved the problem and made a new icon.. =) It's quite different however, so I made a new release => - Dec 09 2004
i-k Amarok icon

Various Artwork by dave 26 comments

yes.. at the risk of losing the icon contest -- this does look pretty.. It's fairly reminiscent of a flower - which is always pleasant. =) - Dec 09 2004
amaroK: Wolf Howl

Various Artwork by euxneks 27 comments

I've been sick (a cold) with a _bad_ headache for a while here.. When I get better I'll try to implement as many suggestions as I can.. They are all valid and I will try to work them out.. Particularly the different color theme.. Also I'll try to make the arches fit in a bit more.. - Dec 08 2004
amaroK: Wolf Howl

Various Artwork by euxneks 27 comments

I can't do it right away though.. I've gotten sick.. - Dec 07 2004
amaroK: Wolf Howl

Various Artwork by euxneks 27 comments

Good Idea! Will do.. - Dec 06 2004
Mupen64 icon

Icon Sub-Sets by zekant 6 comments

Wow.. That's quite 3 dimensional for something produced entirely in a vector program. Good job! - Nov 25 2004
Mupen64 icon

Icon Sub-Sets by zekant 6 comments

What did you use to make it? - Nov 25 2004
Angelina SplashScreen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by hassan 2 comments

From the thumnail it looks like she's urinating.. =\ - Nov 22 2004
XandrOS Ribbons (3.0)

Wallpaper Other by euxneks 5 comments

Thank you =) - Nov 18 2004

Wallpaper Other by euxneks 7 comments

oops, double post! - Nov 18 2004