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Gnome Feet - 5 COLORS to Choose From

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Score 73.0%
Aug 18 2018
Hey Rembrandt. Nice work again. How are you? Evert. - Mar 18 2018
Obsidian 2

GTK3 Themes 91 comments

Score 82.3%
May 10 2020
Hey Madmaxms,
Gibt es obsidian red auch in tar (fur solus)?

Gr. Evert - Nov 14 2017
Thanks for your fast reply. Anyway, your work is awesome. So, a lot of succes the coming weeks. Greetings, Evert - Oct 23 2017
Thanks for your reply. Your suggestion of changing the colot manually does not work. Anyway thanks for all your good work. Gr. Evertson
- Oct 23 2017
Good afternoon. Obsidian is really beautiful. There is 1 problem. When I use WPS (spreadsheet) the whole sheet itself is totally black. Am I doing something wrong?

Gr. Evert - Oct 23 2017
Obsedian is awesome. There is only 1 problem : When I use WPS (spreadsheet) also my sheets are totally black. Am I doing something wrong?

Please your help.


- Sep 18 2017
Ambiance DS BlueSB12

GTK3 Themes 84 comments

Score 79.5%
Aug 01 2019
Ambiance DS is great. There is only 1 problem. When using this theme also in WPS (spreadsheet) the whole spreadsheet turns to black. Is there a way to solve this problem? Greetings, Evert - Nov 05 2017
Obsidian Icon Theme

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May 29 2020
You're fantastic. The icons are perfect. Thank you very much and greetings from the Netherlands. - Oct 23 2017
Good evening, just one question. Are these beautifull icons also suitable for Solus (tar.xz)? Gr. Evert - Oct 23 2017