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Neil Parsons

Openbox Themes by AquaFox 3 comments

Hey wondering if i could get a copy of you conkyrc ? (the one in the screenshot.) - Dec 02 2008
Kurt Cobain

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 6 comments

I was very hurt by this. It's very disrespectful. And Very uncalled for, If you were a fan. You'de understand. Obviously you're NOT. - Jul 22 2005
Giger co-la'ge

Wallpaper Other by evolove 3 comments

thanks man. I just watched a couple of hour worth of aliens ...I guess it set the mood...oh I just picked up the new 2002 Giger calender. - Aug 18 2002
Giger co-la'ge

Wallpaper Other by evolove 3 comments

think? comments on the wallpaper....any? - Aug 18 2002
Connected Kppp

Icon Sub-Sets by DiegoN 1 comment

I like it. Have you seen my Lightning bolt one ??? - Jul 27 2002
Power Linux

Wallpaper Other by xebra 1 comment

Quite an Ass kicker - Apr 20 2002

Wallpaper Other by fatmatt 8 comments

Where is the blue background? - Mar 27 2002