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Nicholas Castelli
God Hears Your Prayers

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"Fine, you voiced your opinion on the subject. But was it necessary to go into this whole tirade of comments?"

What exactly do you call what you are doing at this point? While the two of you have taken over at this point and are just barking back and forth... Animacide has given feedback to many comments. Not voicing your options because your view is not popular or may hurt someone’s feelings is censorship and should be avoided like the pelage.

That being said, I agree that falco101 has the right to post what he has; I think it was a bad choice to do so in this forum but that’s just MHO. I don't want it removed now that it is here, that is what the victor does to history, I would like as much documented for later review. The more info we have the better choices we can make, if only everyone would use this method this flame war would never have even started.
- May 05 2007