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Feb 27 2012
Without that empty folder Gnome Tweak Tool doesn't show the theme, that's why I put it there. A gtk2 version of the solidity theme does not yet exist, so for the moment you can put any gtk2 theme you like into that folder.

Cheers - Mar 14 2012
Cool theme, I like it.

1.) This is a problem with the engine. It doesn't draw a border around certain widgets (that's how I want it). Maybe I can still find a way to fix it (add an option or so). For now you could try setting the engine to "none" for this widget (I guess it's a statusbar) and set a border on the top.

2.) Which application is that? - Jan 23 2012
You need the GTK3 development packages to compile it but not to use it. Can you post a screenshot of "that weird border stuff"? - Jan 19 2012
The build system is kind of a mess at the moment. If you just want to compile it you can do it like this:
$ valac --pkg=gmodule-2.0 --pkg=gtk+-3.0 -C solidity.vala
$ gcc -shared -fPIC `pkg-config --cflags --libs glib-2.0 gmodule-2.0 gtk+-3.0` -o solidity.c - Jan 19 2012
Firefox uses GTK2 at the moment and not GTK3. Firefox integration will be there as soon as it is ported to GTK3. - Jan 14 2012
I just tested it on arch and I couldn't find any problems. - Jan 14 2012
Thank you. - Jan 04 2012
Thank you.
I had planned a gtk2 version of the engine but I got stuck. Maybe some day I take that up again. Or maybe not.
I'm currently reworking the default theme (I find the borders too dark) and there are also a window decorations planned.
Then there are bugs to be fixed and in a distant future I will probably add support for smooth transitions (e.g. when you move the mouse over a button) and generally more options for the engine. - Jan 04 2012
Thank you. - Jan 03 2012
Could you please take a screenshot? What version of Nautilus and GTK+ are you using (3.0 or 3.2)? And which distribution? Thank you for reporting the bug :-) - Jan 03 2012
Thanks for reporting the error. A new build system that should solve many problems is planned for the next release. Meanwhile you can try this (in the directory where solidity.c is):
$ gcc -shared -fPIC `pkg-config --cflags --libs glib-2.0 gmodule-2.0 gtk+-3.0` -o solidity.c
$ sudo make install - Jul 08 2011
As far as I know on Ubuntu /usr/lib64 is a link to /usr/lib. What system are you using?

I probably need to change the build system in a future release. - Jun 10 2011
The theme (or the engine) is for gtk3. So it is primary for the distros running gnome 3 like arch, fedora 15 and ubuntu oneiric. You can use it in natty, too but only for the gtk3 applications.

There is a port to gtk2 planned, but you'll have to wait because I will first add features and finish the engine and then port it to gtk2. - Jun 03 2011
I think it's a problem with your sources. libgtk-3-dev is in the natty repos and should be installable without problems. - Jun 03 2011
outworn circles collection

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Mar 18 2010
I'm not going to make a transparent version available here but I can send it to you in an e mail for personal use if you want that. - Mar 22 2010
looks dirty

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Feb 19 2010
changed the license - Feb 19 2010
Thanks! - Dec 06 2009

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Mar 11 2012
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Jan 03 2012
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