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Vladimir Brik
Linux distro timeline (SVG)

Cliparts by urke 3 comments

Very nice job, but your bounding box is incorrect. You are using A4 dimensions that cut off the timeline at 2001 in SVG viewers (as opposed to editors). - Mar 21 2008

Education Apps by ita256 150 comments

there is a bug in landscape printing in 0.5.8.

The image being printed is properly scaled for landscape dimensions but is not rotated. - Oct 07 2007

Education Apps by ita256 150 comments

Firstly, thanks for such awesome program!

0.5.7 segfaults when I try to make a top=level entry (yellow) a child of another top-level entry by dragging in linear view.

Used to work in 0.5.5a and didn't try other versions.

Please let me know what other information will be helpful in debugging.

I am running x86_64 gcc-4.1.2, glibc-2.5, qt-4.3.1 - Sep 26 2007

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments

Just thought I'd let you know:

qtiplot ( crashes when the theme is loaded. If you are interested in debugging the issue, let me know what to do. - Jul 08 2007