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fabien henon L'Aigle, France
To monitor your AMD card, is radeontop installed on your system ?
- Mar 28 2018
Hi thanks for your support. I have now a lot of stuff to play with :) . Enjoy your holidays - Mar 28 2018
lspci -vmm ?

- Mar 28 2018
Damn, as you said, lshw does not detect your radeon card....I'll have to rewrite the code a bit.
What do you get with these 3 commands :

lspci -mm
lspci -nnk
lspci -v

Thanks - Mar 28 2018
Thank you. So far, the integrated intel graphic card are not managed yet. I'll work on it with your help.
Do you switch from one to another ? Do you have a command to switch ?
What do get with the following commands :

lshw -C display
inxi -G
lspci -v -s $(lspci | grep ' VGA ' | cut -d" " -f 1)

Thanks - Mar 26 2018
Hi everyone. To improve AutomatiK, I am looking for people with at least 2 Nvidia cards (similar or different cards).
I am also looking for persons with multiple screens to check how AutomatiK behaves.
To contact me : (remove all the underscores)
Thanks - Mar 25 2018
HI edm1st.
J'ai envoyé un courriel la semaine dernière (avec 2 pièce jointes) pour tester. Tu ne l'as pas eu ?
A bientôt - Mar 25 2018
Je veux bien t'aider.Je t'ai envoyé un email, mais je n'ai pas encore eu de réponse. Est-ce que tu l'as eu ? - Mar 14 2018
Thanks for your quick feedback :) - Feb 23 2018
we might have to wait a bit

If some users have a AMD, card, I'd like to know how it works for them - Feb 23 2018
radeontop can read my integrated AMD Radeon HD 6250 graphic card. That's a shame. Your 2 screens are resolution are reported correctly ?
Is the driver correclty reported ?
If you know a tool that reports AMD card correctly, please let me know. - Feb 23 2018
I have uploaded a version with Radeon (with Nvidia) support. Please let me know what you get. - Feb 22 2018
Thanks for your reply. I managed to get static info, but to get the GPU load and memory, I have to start radeontop as root-> I have to find another way. Can you start radeontop as a user (not as root) ? - Feb 19 2018
OK, what do you get with these command lines :
lshw -C displaylshw -C display
lspci -v -s $(lspci | grep ' VGA ' | cut -d" " -f 1)
inxi -G
for I in `lspci |awk '/VGA/{print $1}'`;do lspci -v -s $I;done
- Feb 17 2018
Hi, I have to find another way to get info from your GPU. Did you install anything specifically for your GPU ? (I don't have a GPU at home.) - Feb 13 2018
Thanks. I do not have any AMD graphic card for debugging
What output do you get with these command lines :
aticonfig --odgc

aticonfig --odgt - Jan 19 2018
OK, let's try the hard way :
nvidia-settings -q all -t | grep -i fan

You have a mobile version. I am not sure it 'behaves' the same way as the other cards - Jun 28 2017
Hi !
Thanks for your feedback.
What do you get with the following command line ? (I just removed the [fan:0]/)
"nvidia-settings -q GPUCurrentFanSpeedRPM -t"

I hope this help. - Jun 26 2017
OK - Jun 12 2017
I do not have BTRFS subvolumes on my computer.
What is the output on your computer ?
Please give me your full command line + output - May 07 2017
the command "df" does not work well with btrfs subvolumes. I have to find a command line to deal with these subvolumes - May 06 2017
I just uploaded the new versions. I think this should fix everything. Please let me know - May 06 2017
For the disk issue, it seems you have two old snaps remaining from previous installation(s). You might look at

- May 06 2017
What value do you get with :

sensors | grep -i core | awk '!/-/' | awk '{ print $3}' | sort -r | head -n 1 | sed 's/[^0-9]*//g' - May 06 2017
OK, thanks, I will find another solution. - May 06 2017
Did you change both lines ?


"CPUTemp=float(CPUTemp)/10" - May 06 2017
I did not manage to reproduce the error (I have an AMD processor )
Could you open the file and replace "int" with "float" and tell me how is works ?
CPUTemp=int(CPUTemp)/10 becomes CPUTemp=float(CPUTemp)/10 - May 05 2017
Thanks a lot for your support !
It seems you are a bash guru.
That's a lot of help that you find bugs and debug them.
I was not aware of the help bitbucket could bring.

I'll take a close look at the fixes you propose to see if that works on my (and everybody) system as well.
I guess the disk01 might need some rewrite.

Fabien - May 04 2017
I am sorry to see that I broke something with a fix.
In a terminal, when you go into the Automatik directory and type "python" , does the cpu window disappear and show up ?

In a terminal, what is the output of "df -Th" ?
Thanks - May 04 2017
:( .OK. Too bad. So far I run out of solutions. I will need some googling. - May 01 2017
what is the output of :
df -Th 2>/dev/null | egrep -v '^.*(tmp|proc|sys|var|pts|daemon|root|gvfs).*$' | grep -v 'efi' - May 01 2017
You might try to add "ximerama_head 0" or "ximerama_head 1" near the top of the file called
I do not have multi screen : I cannot try
Let me know if this works - May 01 2017
Thanks for debugging. You are right. I left a bug in the month and tear_off version.
The corrected versions are now updating. - May 01 2017
I tried Suse in Virtualbox (I have opensuse tumbleweed)
The Alt-click does work either, but that's related to kde and/or Suse.
You might have a look at :

The color bars work on my computer on virtualbox.
- Could you go into the Automatik directory and give me the 3 output of : (remove the double-quotes)
"cat cpufile | grep gradbar"
"cat memfile | grep gradbar"
"cat diskfile | grep gradbar" - May 01 2017
Do you have a 6 cores I7 Intel CPU ? - Apr 24 2017
Hi. Thanks for your tip. It now added into the bash file. - Apr 23 2017
Hi. I have changed the temperature script. Please let me know how it works now. Core 3,4,5,6,7 have disappeared from the output. did you remove them, or is it a bug.
CPU information has been changed to PROCESSORS in German - Apr 23 2017
For the CPU, could you give me the output of "sensors" ? (in case the output has changed)
For the title, could you give me the output of "locale | grep LANG" - Apr 22 2017
Hi. Thanks for your comments. I am on holidays. I have very limited internet access, but I add your suggestions in the next release - Apr 16 2017
Yes. I fixed the bug. The corrected files have been uploaded. Thanks for telling me. (I did even noticed) - Apr 10 2017
Hi. Thanks for your comments. - Mar 30 2017
Thanks for your comments.
No the code is hosted only here, but why not. Thanks for the idea. - Mar 23 2017
I noticed that the score has gone down. If someone votes down, it would be nice to tell me, at least what is wrong (something broken, a faulty design, an incompatiblity). I spent (and spend) many hours on AutomatiK. Please show some respect by telling what is wrong. - Mar 18 2017
Thanks for your comments. It is truly appreciated.
Fabien - Mar 16 2017
Thanks for your comment. Just let me know what is the mistake in german. I'll correct it. FYI, the file to modify is - Mar 09 2017
Hi. If you want to customize the conky theme you can do as you said. The other way might be to change the python code. - Feb 25 2017
Thanks for your feedback.
There are two ways :
- Open in an editor, look for the the widget you want to move, and add x and a number
(There is a conky file and a python file for each widget)
Example : "conky -q -p1 -c topfile -x 250 -y 450" (the pixels are counted from top right)

- Open the py file your want to move in an editor, look for the words gap_x and gap y and change to numbers
Example for "gap_x 380
gap_y 50"

Hope it helps - Feb 19 2017

Karamba & Superkaramba by fabienhenon 3 comments

Yes of course. In a terminal, type the four following lines(you have to modify the first line though) :

cd /to/the/directory/where/Automablock/is/downloaded
tar xzvf AutomablocK.tar.gz
cd AutomablocK
superkaramba Au*.th*

I hope this helps - Jan 19 2013

Karamba & Superkaramba by fabienhenon 40 comments

Pfew, I do not quite get this one.

Could give me the ouptut of the following :
$ which sensors

$ /sbin/lsmod | grep coretemp


$ sensors



Fabien - Jun 06 2010

Karamba & Superkaramba by fabienhenon 40 comments


Thanks for your feed-back, they are extremely useful.

Sorry, I did not see your post at first -> I am kinda late for the reply

For the b in the command line
I check the following line and it it OK on my system

If I add b to the line as below

FreeMemorySensor=Quote+'sensor=memory format="%fmb '+Megabyte[Language]+' '+FreeWord[Language]+'" interval=2000'+Quote

It gives the used memory. What we need on this line is the free memory left

How does it compare with the free command ? Do you get the proper figures ?

To get Sabayon properly detected, could you give me the output of the lines below :
$ python
>>> import platform
>>> platform.linux_distribution()

So that I can fix it in the next release


Fabien - Jun 06 2010
3   Mar 18 2017