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May 07 2012
Looks like it was a known issue, but many other widgets on my desktop seem to be fine (

I tried the last suggestion in that link above; selecting 'Widget' didn't work, but as soon as i also selected 'Sticky' i was able to move it!!

So yeah, it's all sorted out now. I'm very happy, as it's a really great, slick looking widget.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me and help out with this. - May 09 2012
I can email you a picture of the properties 'cog' if you want. - May 08 2012
Hmm, that's a bit strange. I'm using Screenlets 0.1.6, on Ubuntu 11.10 (all updates have been applied). When you click on the screenlet, it changes to show the month & day, and in the top right corner of the screenlet, there is a little X to close/stop the screenlet, and a spiky circle, or cog, that you can click to get to the screenlet Properties. You can also right-click it and select Properties from the menu, but when you do this, nothing happens.

I'll have a play around with it some more and see how i go.

Thanks for the reply too. - May 08 2012
Excellent! Thanks for updating it.

Still seems to be a couple of issues with it though; i can't drag and drop it somewhere on my desktop (and it isn't locked). And neither right-clicking then selecting Propereties or clicking on the Properties 'cog' seems to work either.

When right-clicking on it, themes and sizing seem to work fine.

Cheers :-) - May 07 2012
But i can't get it to work!

I've installed it, sometimes it says it's running but i can't see it, sometimes it doesn't run at all.

I had it working one time, but the numbers disappeared and it was just blank. Haven't been able to get it back.

It's set to auto-start, and i'm using Ubuntu 11.10.

Would love to get it working properly - any ideas? :-) - May 07 2012