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faj3r SmokingGnu
Candido Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 5 comments

this is best ever icon I saw.
I hope that You will back to idea of creating this icon set. its amazing. - Oct 04 2007
Murrine Tumsoo

GTK2 Themes by quicksort 11 comments

hmmm... it doesn't work for me after install. sad :( - May 03 2007
Listen Tango Improved

Icon Sub-Sets by Ubuntubox 6 comments

Do You have maybe listen svg icon? - May 01 2007
smooth-orange (ubuntulooks)

GTK2 Themes by Qoon3x 12 comments

Do You Have maybe link to this Icon set? :) - Apr 17 2006

GTK2 Themes by speirs29a 7 comments

Hi, theme and font is great :)
do You know, where I can find this font? :) - Apr 17 2006
Default is Good

Wallpaper Other by uglyaskde 8 comments

Gnome and KDE, KDE and Gnome... You all folks behave like there where only 2 desktop enviroments... and there are lots of better, faster and more configurable window makers, so this whole issue like "Kde vs Gnome" is silly. Where two fights, there third wins. - Jan 14 2006