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Tomasz Falkowski Wrocław, Poland
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GTK2 Themes 277 comments

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Dec 14 2009
Special theme for OOo would be great, in my opinion.
So... it's time to arm with patience :) - Aug 01 2009
Is it possible to use hack fixing OpenOffice menubars only and use prepared theme without any dirty hacks for Firefox (it looks much better that way)?

Other thing, when enabling hack, not only Firefox and OpenOffice menubars change color from dark to bright. It also happens to Qt4 apps (in my case it's VLC player and Kadu communicator).

I love Your theme, it's one of the most beautiful and elegant themes I've ever seen and I'm really happy using it despite little problems with Firefox and OpenOffice. - Aug 01 2009
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GTK2 Themes
by dilomo

Score 72.2%
Aug 01 2009