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Emanuel Manologlou N/A, Germany
IMPloader - Cinema wallpaper generator

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Jan 18 2010
I think by looking at your script as non programmer ;) it is not possible easely without rewriting the script alot. Atleast change the way we obtain film releases for certain countrys to avoid headcaches by using 10 diff methods. But find 1 way to do it for all.. rss as example. Also do not use static TMPPATH= it is possible to dynamical obtain current users home path

First we have to find a website that offers country specific cinema releases with wallpapers/big images

In germany biggest is they have rss feed of airing movies also listing b-movies

But they not offer big pictures, so get movie names and query flickr or other picture site?

Or use imdb..

No rss/xml feed?

But maybe this is of use but in python
- Jan 14 2010
Nice, now we need a way for us europeans to only show movies that are released in your part of the world. - Jan 13 2010

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Jan 27 2007
Offsite Downloads should be forbiden! - Dec 28 2009
by 11is
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Feb 18 2009
Downloaded, open screenlet manager gui, select flower widget, click on install theme - Dec 04 2009
Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

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May 20 2008
You can download them free of charge - Dec 04 2009
Impulse - PulseAudio visualizer

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Dec 12 2010
Right click "Save target" select folder done - Dec 03 2009
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Jan 13 2010
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Dec 04 2009