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Manuel Pi�eiro

Karamba & Superkaramba by 18volt 11 comments

Preaty and clean... but I use amarok now :(
What's the window decoration you show in the second preview? - Nov 30 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 45 comments

I have the same problem. But not the solution.
My KDE crash after install Gartoon, when I launch konqueror.
It must be a problem of my compilation of kde.
I'm using Gentoo, with kde3.3.1 and the gentoo ebuild from f10nk of Improving KDE.
What do you use?
... sorry for my poor english. - Oct 29 2004

Ice-WM Themes by beorn 3 comments

There is no way to know when a window is active or not... - May 03 2004
CrystalMess SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by nunopinheiro 37 comments

Can you share the svg original files too... please? - Feb 09 2004