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Mark Fairbairn


by oem68
Score 63.3%
May 03 2010
any chance to have different sizes? Specifically I'm after 24. - Jun 09 2018
by Moony
Score 80.8%
Jul 10 2019
any chance to have different sizes? Specifically I'm after 24. - Jun 09 2018
all download links are dead.
Can we get some new links please? - Jan 06 2017


Score 75.3%
Mar 06 2014
sorry . . . this is using at size 24 on plasma 5.12 - Jun 09 2018
The vertical beam is almost completely black so disappears on black backgrounds. Any chance to have the whiteness of the vertical beam enhanced? - Jun 09 2018
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1198 comments

Score 85.8%
Mar 23 2013
thanks for the informative reply.
I guess it is time to find an alternative weather plasmoid for plasma 5. - Apr 11 2016
Is this project dead?
Plasma 5 has been around for almost two years and still no port.
I really appreciate that it isn't an easy thing to port to plasma 5 but the last update we had from the developer was a year ago.
A definitive answer as to whether this will ever be ported (and if so when) would really be appreciated. - Apr 10 2016
any sign of the new release 4.1?
You mentioned you were gonna release it last weekend. - Nov 30 2011
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus 124 comments

Score 85.0%
Jan 29 2012
Dropbox dropped support for public folders back in 2012 so if you have a dropbox account created after that then the ability to create links in the service menu doesn't work. If you try the error "You can generate public URL only for files and directories that are in your dropbox public folder" is generated.

When are we likely to see an update to the servicemenu that will address this issue? - it has been a few years now. - May 20 2015
Balance by LMolr

Plasma Color Schemes 3 comments

by LMolr
Score 62.5%
Jun 16 2010
Yes, I too would like to see the bug addressed where text in gtk apps such as thunderbird and firefox remain black making them difficult to read.
Otherwise very nice theme. - Mar 23 2013

Plasma Themes 22 comments

Score 71.7%
Nov 05 2008
the download link has been broken for a very long time. Perhaps this theme should be removed from kdelook if it is no longer available. - Jan 13 2013
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

Score 84.7%
Sep 02 2017 website has changed to new format. file no longer works. - Dec 05 2009
thank you - that did the trick.

I have also had a play with the icon tag.
I think this is a little bit more accurate for the KDE icons and more closely matches those provided by metservice.

i1="Cloud" o1="26"
i2="Cloudy" o2="26"
i3="Drizzle" o3="11"
i4="Fewshowers" o4="39"
i5="Fine" o5="32"
i6="Fog" o6="20"
i7="Fullmoon" o7="31"
i8="Hail" o8="6"
i9="Mountain" o9=""
i10="Newmoon" o10="31"
i11="Offset" o11=""
i12="Overcast" o12="30"
i13="Partcloud" o13="28"
i14="Partcloudy" o14="28"
i15="Rain" o15="40"
i16="Shower" o16="12"
i17="Showers" o17="12"
i18="Snow" o18="15"
i19="Sunshine" o19="32"
i20="Thunder" o20="1"
i21="Unavailable" o21=""
i22="unknown" o22=""
i23="Wanmoon" o23="33"
i24="Waxmoon" o24="33"
i25="Wind" o25=""
/> - Nov 23 2009
There may be some problems with the xml file.
I have CWP set to three day display and it displays the correct temp and gives the correct icon for each day.
The text description for today (day 1) is correct, description for day 2 is some short random description (usually something like "partly cloudy"), the text description under day 3 is the intended description for day 2.

I have had a play with the file but can't quite work it out. - Nov 23 2009
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes 125 comments

Score 58.4%
Aug 11 2009
So do these icons work in KDE 4? - Jun 26 2008

Wallpaper Other 12 comments

by pirke
Score 50.0%
Sep 11 2003
I'd also love to see it without any text - e.g.Linux - on it. - Dec 09 2007

Video Apps 52 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 01 2011
I'm having the same issue with Kmediafactory from the opensuse 10.3 repo
Has no background - just black on the computer screen and also on teh completed DVD. No image either.
Setting the background image manually makes no difference.
Really looking for a fix on this so I can resume usign it. - Oct 21 2007