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Farliec Graves Cran-Gevrier, France
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Cliparts 5 comments

by Ben2K
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Jun 12 2010

Every ubuntu releases use an adjective and an animal (e.g., "Dapper Drake", "Intrepid Ibex", "Jaunty Jackalope", "Karmic Koala", "Lucid Lynx").
So Maverick is the adjective and Meerkat ( is the animal.

It's explained on the Ubuntu wikipedia page, in the Release part (
- Jun 16 2010
Ambiance Refined

GTK2 Themes 22 comments

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Jun 21 2010

I have some problems with your theme :
Your folder theme is named "AmbiancedRefined" instead of "AmbianceRefined"
And your theme is named "Ambiance" instead of "AmbianceRefined" and point to Ambiance controls and borders instead of yours.

It's a new theme so it has to have its own name I think.

In your index.theme, you should replace 3 of lines by :
- Name=Ambiance Refined
- GtkTheme=AmbianceRefined
- MetacityTheme=AmbianceRefined

And in your metacity-theme-1.xml file :

Then, I think it will be ok :)

- Jun 16 2010
Smart Suite

GTK2 Themes 24 comments

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Jun 04 2010

I resolved the problem by adding the line "ButtonLayout=close,minimize,maximize:" (without quotes) at the end of the index.theme file.

It might be usefull to other ubuntu users. - Jun 04 2010
Really sorry if you don't understand what I said, I'm french.

Themes doesn't need "Ubuntu Tweak" to change button position, it's an option to write in the index.theme.

And SmartRadiance buttons haven't "ugly" borders, I said there are like your Smart-Light theme (no border, no orange background), do you mean your Smart-Light buttons have ugly borders ?

After the install of your SmartRadiance theme on my PC, I compared the installed theme and your screenshot :
- buttons aren't the same (no border, no orange background)
- buttons aren't on the left

I only wanted to know why, and if it was a problem on my PC or in the theme archive.
Really sorry for trying to help.

Am I a linux beginner...? Strange question... Why ? Is your theme only designed for experimented users ?

But, yes, I am probably a linux beginner, under linux for 4 years, developper for 10 years and which know how simply and properly install a theme under Gnome (and simply doesn't mean "drag & drop the folder" or manual copy to an hidden theme folder...).

Again, really sorry, I think I will follow your the second advice of your description and make my own theme instead of trying to help some kid.

Regards, - Jun 04 2010
Hello :)

First, good job for the tar.gz :p

Second, I really like the Smart Radiance screenshot, but it seems that the theme in the archive isn't the same : for me, buttons are on the right (instead of the left in the screenshot) and they are different, mostly like the Smart-Light theme. Moreover, the little screenshot displayed in the Appearance window isn't the same as your big screenshot, but looks exactly the same as the installed theme :'( - Jun 04 2010
Thank you ! :)

Good job by the way ;) - Jun 03 2010
Oh, mistake, I'm talking about a gnome bug XD

Sorry ;) - Jun 03 2010
Your theme change the top button position (close, minimize, ...).

On my system there were on the left, then after installing your theme, there are on the right !!

It would be better to let the button at their place : some would like left, other right, so please, don't change it... - Jun 03 2010

Please, replace the SmartDark (or Smart_GTK) folder by a tar.gz file (or tar.bz2, but no zip).

Then, users will be able to install it by the following method :
- uncompress the zip archive
- drag & drop the tar.gz archive in the Appearance window.

It would be easier...
We have a graphical application to install themes, so let us use it ;) - Jun 03 2010
1. Uncompress the .zip archive
2. Select the "SmartDark" (or "Smart_GTK") folder (which contains a gtk-2.0 folder, a metacity folder and an index.theme file)
3. Compress this SmartDark folder to the archive format "tar.gz" to obtain, for example, a "SmartDark.tar.gz" file (zip format doesn't work)
4. Drag this tar.gz archive into the Appearance window
5. Select the new Smart theme
- Jun 03 2010
elementary Empathy

Icon Sub-Sets 25 comments

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Jun 03 2010
I use the standard Ubuntu Radiance icon theme, and it works fine for me.

I used the following method :
1. Uncompress the zip archive
2. Copy the 16x16 and 24x24 folders in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/ (needs root privileges)
3. Open a terminal and refresh the icon cache with root privileges : sudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/
4. Quit and reopen Empathy - Jun 03 2010
Ambiance Drakfire Mod

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

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May 20 2010
Thank you !! - May 05 2010
Please, I don't know this player, but it seems great, what is it ?

Else, good job for the theme :p - May 05 2010

Full Icon Themes 3 comments

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Apr 21 2010
I love the gtk theme too, what is it ? - Apr 23 2010

Utilities 11 comments

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Aug 14 2009
Same problem, there is no Debian/Ubuntu package for users. This is a fake. - Apr 13 2010

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Mar 23 2010
:D - Mar 23 2010
Human Elementary

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Mar 15 2010
Sometimes we only need few minor changes to really like an artwork :)

I like human theme, and I like breadcrumbs style, so it's perfect for me :)

Thank you to share it with us :)
- Mar 16 2010
Send to...

Nautilus Scripts 54 comments

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Jul 15 2009
No french version available. - Dec 16 2007
Hypnotista Siyah

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 12 comments

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Jan 01 2006
Sorry, it's OK, kde-devels package wasn't re-installed :p
Good Window decoration Hypnotic :)
Thank you for your work ! - Sep 01 2007
Same problem :(
Files not found ("In file included from Hypnotista_Siyah.cpp:43:Hypnotista_Siyah.h:49:25: error: kdecoration.h: No such file or directory Hypnotista_Siyah.h:50:32: error: kdecorationfactory.h: No such file or directory"), warnings and errors - Aug 29 2007

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 1 comment

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Jun 05 2007
It seems the link is broken ("Not Found" appears by clicking on the download link). - Aug 29 2007
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

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Nov 03 2011 existed but not at the good place.

I used a bad kde-prefix :
I wrote ./configure --prefix=/usr/bin/kde or ./configure --prefix=/usr/lib/kde3 instead of ./configure --prefix=/usr

Now it works perfectly :D

Thank you very much, for your help and for your work :) - May 03 2006
Sorry if I don't write english very well : I'm french.

I use GTK 2.8.6 and Gimp 2.2.8.
I only started the gimp from a konsole window, and when gimp start, there is the following lines in Konsole :
Could not access socket, /tmp/ksocket-farliec/kdialogd-1

:( - May 02 2006
./configure --prefix=/usr/bin/kde OK
make OK (if libgtk-2.0-dev is installed)
make install OK

After a KDE restart :
/usr/local/bin/ gimp OK (gimp start)

Menu File >> Open : The Dialog Box is the same as before (GTK Dialog Box) and it's the same thing for the "Save as" Dialog Box.

Then, impossible to open a file : no action
Impossible to Cancel (and close the dialog box) : Errors in Konsole until I close Gimp :
(gimp:20959): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_event: assertion `WIDGET_REALIZED_FOR_EVENT (widget, event)' failed

It's the same thing after a computer restart. - May 01 2006

Full Icon Themes 66 comments

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Oct 19 2007

The bandwidth limit for this site has been exceeded. - Apr 30 2006

by jlue

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Jun 03 2010
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Jun 03 2010
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Mar 16 2010