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Matt S.
vision (codename inspiration)

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 218 comments

This is by far the best looking GTK theme I have seen on Hurry up and release this or at least release it as a "beta" or something so we can help you find bugs. - May 15 2008
"Animated" Beans

Wallpaper Other by emptemp 3 comments

This will sure give you a headache! - Feb 25 2008
Night Wish

Wallpaper Other by BerndWill 1 comment

This one needs some work. First thing that caught my eye was how the shadows and the moon didn't really relate to each other's positions. Maybe there's a stronger light coming from somewhere off the picture on the left, but if the shadows are being cast by the light from the moon, then they are out of perspective. - Feb 25 2008

Wallpaper Other by indahouse 1 comment

This is beautiful. Thank you. - Feb 25 2008

Wallpaper Other by taner 3 comments

Taner, man, every wallpaper I've seen from you has been absolutely stunning. This one is of no exception! Great work, thanks! - Jan 09 2008

GTK2 Themes by gabrielteratos 20 comments

How do you get your menu bar font from black, to white in Firefox with this theme? The menu bar font is white in every other program except Firefox and Thunderbird and I would like to fix that. Do you know how? - Sep 01 2007
Gnu Linux Robot

Wallpaper Other by luxtherdefaul 2 comments

I really like this. Thanks! - Aug 27 2007
GDE Transparent

Wallpaper Other by kijun 4 comments

Very nice, thanks. - Aug 10 2007
Affecting your machine

Wallpaper Other by breadfan 11 comments

Nice! - Aug 10 2007

Wallpaper Other by rubasu 16 comments

Wow, this is a beautiful picture. It's been my background for about a week now. Thanks! - Aug 10 2007

Metacity Themes by ECHM 60 comments

I like! Thanks. - Apr 20 2007
Truth for linux

GTK2 Themes by unforgivenII 78 comments

I have that problem too. - Mar 03 2007
MacSlow\'s Cairo-Clock

Various Gnome Stuff by MacSlow 45 comments

I installed the Cairo-clock program from the Ubuntu archive but I cant get the darn thing to work! I run cairo-clock from Alt+F2 and a white box will show up for where the clock should be, I right click it and choose a theme but no clock will show up. I use beryl and have it running, I dont know if that has anything to do with it. - Feb 17 2007
Blue Swirl

GDM Themes by darkknight9 27 comments

Great looking GDM theme. Thanks. - Feb 13 2007
Neutronium Beryl Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by sqwishy 12 comments

This is such a wonderful theme for Beryl. Looks great on Ubuntu when paired with the Neutronium GTK.2 theme. Thanks! - Feb 13 2007

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Cisoun 3 comments

This is a beautiful wallpaper. I have it as my background right this moment. Thanks! - Nov 06 2006
system monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by garfmaul 4 comments

I run this Karamba theme on both my SUSE 10.0 desktop computer and my SUSE 9.3 laptop and System Monitor looks great on both OSes.

This is one thing that I noticed. WHere it lists the CPU type, it allows the text to run past the edge of the widget into nowhere.

Attached is a link to a picture showing what I mean.

It also does this on the Kernel portion. - Nov 16 2005