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martin kolcak , Slovak Republic
meditation (all resolutions)

Wallpaper Other by sylvoo 2 comments

excellent :) ....really nice photo ...clean, simple and natural think - May 14 2008

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by enrikeolivares 2 comments

...really nice job - May 13 2008
The choice of Stalin

Wallpaper Other by theslayer84 23 comments

wallpaper created by MS? :) Stalin like possitive motivation for using linux is not good choise... - May 04 2008
It's spring

Wallpaper Other by kindofexpert 1 comment

really nice ...simple and beautiful .. i like elegant feeling and this work got it - Apr 29 2008
Powered by the BEST - Splash Screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by sifunakano 2 comments

...everything is ok, but only one mistake i see ....vertical faces need smooth "efect" ...u can apply it in blender on object and use EdgeSplit - Mar 26 2008
SiXth Illusion

Wallpaper Other by fathum 2 comments

at first close future i want create more colour alternatives of this wallpaper and make pack for all standart resolutions of this work (for widescreen too of course)

at second ...i have to repair one mistake on the picture and publish this wallpaper under GPL

...thx for comment :) - Mar 12 2008

Wallpaper Other by fathum 3 comments

u know, just run a gnome-terminal and u will see :) mouse, no click, just commands writting with your keyboard, this is a power of terminal :) - Mar 26 2007