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Frederik Feichtmeier
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Suru Plus Ubuntu

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Apr 09 2019
To make things easier and stop people from reporting bugs here (which is quiet horrible to track, isn't it?) you could suggest to only report bugs on github =) Best regards and keep up the awesome work - May 29 2018
One idea: you could use the suru repo as upstream so you don't need to manually import his recent changes and only work on your third party apps/additions - May 07 2018
Wow that's awesome open source collaboration! Your repo is looking great! - May 07 2018
Wow that was fast!
Yeah sure that looks good. I guess you should mention that your theme is a fork from suru and you are fine! You could set his repo upstream if you like so you get his changes - May 03 2018
Create an account
Create a repository
go into your terminal
git clone yourreponame
change files with inkscape? or whatever
stage your files you want to save the progress of
commit your files to your local clone of the origin repo (git commit ...)
git push origin master (if you want to push it into master, later you could create more branches)
So you have your local repo which you can "sync" with the repo on github
It's really not hard and things would start to get a bit more transparent imho =) Maybe even more people could help you - May 03 2018
Awesome idea to fill the gap for third party apps!
Have you thought about a more transparent development? Like creating a Suru+ on github with suru as an upstream? =) - May 03 2018
United GNOME

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Nov 22 2017
I prefered the flat plat version! :( - Apr 15 2017
And the righclick windows have no shadow - Apr 14 2017
Hi! Awesome theme!
Issues so far:

No LightdmGTK-Theme
Checkboxes are just red. I don't see when I selected one!
Keep up the work this is awesome - Apr 14 2017
Ashes Theme

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Aug 12 2017
Thank you very much for version3!

There is one last mini micro issue: when you put the panel to zero transparency, the close symbols are black and very hard to read . When you put the panel transparency to maximum the selected indicators background of the tray icons are black but the menu which pops up is black. Looks kind of weird. Maybe you can see what I mean in the following screenshot: - Aug 16 2016
Hi awesome theme!
In Unity 7 in Ubuntu 16.04.1 I copied the extraced folder "Candy" into .themes but the theme does not appear in unity tweak tool's theme section. But I can apply the theme with gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme Candy. Sadly there is an "issue" with the top menu panel then which is bright white now and the paper icon theme does not adapt to that brightness. Is there a way you could make it possible to apply the theme on the "normal" way and could you make the top menu panel dark? Thank you very much for your work! - Aug 08 2016
Ubuntu Flat Remix

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May 31 2016
It is the yosembiance gtk theme - May 10 2016
Ashes Theme

GTK3 Themes
by umayanga

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9   Aug 16 2016