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fen ario , Australia
Ambiance Dark

GTK3/4 Themes by KoRnKloWn 26 comments

Thanks for a great job. In Ubuntu 18.04 the text fields are without background. This happens in gdebi-gtk, pluma, gtk-widget-factory, gnome-calculator. Is there any code we can add to a .css file in the gtk-3.20 folder? - Jul 23 2018
Maya Serie

Cursors by markitos66 23 comments

Hi Marko
I love your green and also the orange cursor. It goes nicely with my purple gtk theme.Thanks a lot man.
regards fenario - Aug 29 2014
grassland gtk

GTK3/4 Themes by sujithcp123 1 comment

Hi Sujith
I tried out your previous version and the script. It wiped out my favourite theme on which I worked hard. Luckily I kept a backup version. It may be a good idea to warn any potential users that this may happen when using the install script; especially the "rm -r ~/.themes" bit; that is the folder where we put our home-grown themes!! Before wiping out the whole folder do: "cp ~/.themes ~/.themes.bak" or similar. You may want to include this options in your script. Thanks for your work anyway. - Aug 28 2014

Cairo Clock by faaranny 2 comments

great work faaranny, thanks
I'm using your clock without background and shadows, which looks great on a purple background picture. You may want to publish a second version as transparent and plain with only:
clock-second-hand.svg - Jul 31 2014
Gis Weather

by RingOV

Mar 13 2015