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Fernanda Ghingaro

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Sep 05 2017
That's when you realize you were in heaven... =)

Hope the developer have time to make the needed changes.

Looking foward to come back to use it properly !

Thanks for the hundreds subs you provided so easily so far... - Apr 26 2014
musiXmatch lyrics fetcher

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Nov 24 2011
the same here. - Jan 05 2013
You must copy the musixmatch.lua into the vlc extensions folder via terminal.
1. Open the Terminal
2. Get superuser status. Type: sudo su <enter>
3. Enter your password.
4. Access the lua file folder usind cd / commmand. Type: cd /pathway
5. Type ls <enter> to list folder's contents and find the lua file
6. Move the file to the extensions VLC folder. Type: mv musixmatch.lua /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions
7. Go to the destination folder and search for the lua flie. Type: cd /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions <enter>. Then type: ls <enter>
8. The musixmatch.lua must be there.

Info: - Jan 05 2013

VLC Extensions
by exebetche

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Jan 05 2013