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Dan Feveryear Delta, United States of America

GTK2 Themes by SkiesOfAzel 101 comments

I can confirm this fix for the progress bars. Forgive me if I stepped over any bounds, but I went into the file and added the code. The Strength Meters work wonderfully in Network Manager now. Just to let you know.
That is the correct place to put it too. It all works 100%. I'm glad this was figured out, because this is something that was making me avoid this skin, but I love it!
AWESOME work! - Apr 09 2008
OSX Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by rpgmaker 9 comments

Does anyone have another place that this is hosted? I keep getting a "connection: too many connections" error to the current mirror. I've tried for the past two days. Anyone have it somewhere for download?

Thanks in advance - Feb 21 2008