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Saggi Mizrahi , Israel

Amarok 2.x Scripts by ficoos 6 comments

About the unsupported file types. It seems to be an Amarok problem.
It seems to reject anything not mp3 as a stream.

Anyway I'm looking into the most elegant solution to do on-the-fly re-encoding for unsupported file types. - Feb 11 2009

Amarok 2.x Scripts by ficoos 6 comments

Amarok already supports MPRIS by DBUS. so someone needs to write a localplay controller for MPRIS enabled players on the Ampache side.

Anyhow it's not in the scope of an Amarok script.

If you want to cut the middle man and have a web based interface for Amarok the HTTP server in this script is separated from the XMLAPI logic so theoretically one can write something like that based on the Boolbool Server Code.

Localplay API: - Feb 11 2009