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Vlad Tagintsev Voronezh, Russian Federation
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Oct 03 2008
Thanks :) I will think about it. - Sep 18 2008
I don't know what is reason of your problem :(
Chromibuntu it's my try to make original theme. I could make a bug, because my skill of customizing gtk is poor, but I not saw him. - Sep 18 2008
I attempted to do correction of mistakes. - Sep 18 2008
I mean, I tried to use some stupid ideas at theme for more similarity to Chomifox, I thought my ideas are cool, but, as a matter of fact, my result is the stupid theme. - Sep 18 2008
Exactly! This theme sucks. I spoiled this. - Sep 18 2008
Maybe you could change color yourself as how you like. This file is (chrome-like/chromibuntu)/gtk-2.0/Panel/panelbutton-prelight.png - Sep 18 2008
Yes, xfmw was my first try to make theme and I migrated on GNOME after that. I hope, if theme will be completed, I make them similar to each other.

I still have many questions about how to customize configurations of gtk and others. - Sep 17 2008
Thanks, but I'm going to attempt to make a good theme for Firefox :) And I'm still didn't see Google Chrome in action, I like Firefox and don't think Chrome will be better than Firefox. - Sep 17 2008
For fixing menu on top panel of GNOME you can link ~/.themes/chrome-like/gtk-2.0/menubar.png image to panel's texture. - Sep 13 2008
Ok. Thanks :) - Sep 12 2008
Thanks a lot! But too late I already did it :(
Soon I will upload my theme with some changes and my Metacity version.
You must upload this here in Metacity themes. - Sep 12 2008
Maybe a little bit later I will try. - Sep 11 2008
I don't understand what do you mean by that.
This is default in Xfce environment from Ubuntu without other plug-ins. - Sep 11 2008
Thanks - Sep 11 2008
I never saw Google Chrome but I think Chromifox and Firefox are good. - Sep 11 2008 - Sep 11 2008
Almost all icons are Tango theme. - Sep 11 2008