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Daniel Finistauri Toronto, Canada
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Karamba & Superkaramba
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Amarok 2.x Scripts 31 comments

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Sep 16 2009
This script is great. I was hoping to find something like this.

Is there any chance that (over time) things like album cover art, and/or music control buttons can be added? Or is that impossible? - Aug 10 2009
NotifyAmarok (Gnome)

Amarok 2.x Scripts 39 comments

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Jun 03 2009
Sorry, I didn't actually realize that this is for Gnome. I use KDE. Sorry about that! - Aug 10 2009
Yes I have installed it. I tried from the script download window in amarok and this site. And yes the check box is checked. After restarting amarok, nothing shows up. - Aug 10 2009
It's not working with mine. I'm on Jaunty 64 and have Amarok 2.1.1. - Aug 06 2009
Flashy Splash 4 Ooo

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 7 comments

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Jun 11 2007
I've been trying to find the Futurosoft icons that you have used, but they are not in any of the icon themes available (at least not that I've been able to find).

Is there any way you can post the icon, or where exactly you found them? - Nov 16 2007
Perl Audio Converter

Audio Extractors/Converters 79 comments

by viron
Score 63.3%
Jan 13 2014
Thanks for the fast reply. Everything is working great now. - Oct 05 2007
What packages do I need installed to convert from MP3 or OggVorbis. Right now I have the following installed:


In Konqueror I have the option to convert only to Ogg and Wav.

Also, is there a way to use the menu system in Dolphin the same way that is available in Konqueror?

Thanks! - Oct 05 2007

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 16 comments

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Jun 21 2007
Can you post the background image by itself without the dialog box? - Jun 22 2007
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
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Jun 01 2008
Thanks. I had a feeling it was something like that but I wasn't sure where to look. Thanks again! - Feb 05 2007
I was running Liquid Weather 13.5 perfectly and all of a sudden it would not load past the 'loading please wait' image. I've tried the updated 14.5 version and still the same thing. Any thoughts? - Feb 04 2007
hfish's monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba 18 comments

by hfish
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Dec 20 2006
Well all the permissions are the same. I'm not sure why it isn't working. It's honestly not that deal. The rest works fine, and this was just a cool add-on. I love the theme regardless. - Jan 20 2007
All of the other bars are working fine, just the progress one is not showing. What permissions does the need, and does it have be executable? - Jan 20 2007
I moved the to my ~/.superkaramba directory and the progress bar is still blank. Any suggestions? - Jan 20 2007
Digits of Pi

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Jan 02 2007
As an engineer, this is by far the greatest thing I have seen! Thanks - Jan 07 2007