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Raul Moratalla Petrer, Spain
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
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kde3 to Kde4 icon theme converter

Icon Sub-Sets 13 comments

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Oct 13 2009
I tried to convert Crystal Project but I had some problems and the file index.destop is invalid :( - Oct 29 2008
Firefox Quickstarter

Utilities 24 comments

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May 22 2008
Thank you :) - Sep 02 2007
In SUSE 10.1 compiles fine, but in openSUSE 10.2 doesn't and I don't know how to solve it :( - Sep 02 2007
Yes, as you can read in the description of the web page it's a dirty hack, it only runs a hidden instance of firefox.
It's not he best way to do it but it could be useful for some people. - Nov 06 2005
Kickoff for Suse 10.1

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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Dec 16 2006
It's strange, I didn't remember to have any problem installing liblazy. I have installed dbus1 0.60, the same version that is available in the dvd.
I will take a look at it with a clean installation of Suse 10.1 - Dec 20 2006
Could you tell what compilation number of Kde 3.5.5 are you using? - Dec 18 2006
The maximum upload are 750kb. I have no place where upload it :(
I'll try to upload to another server. - Dec 16 2006
by isma
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Dec 07 2005
This is the error:

Error in startup script: can't read "env(DESKTOP_SESSION)": no such variable
while executing
"if {$env(DESKTOP_SESSION) == "gnome" || $env(DESKTOP_SESSION) == "kde"} {
return $env(DESKTOP_SESSION)
} "
(procedure "WhichDesktop" line 23)
invoked from within
(procedure "::desktopdialogs::Init" line 7)
invoked from within
"::${namespace}::${init_proc} [file dirname $file]"
(procedure "LoadPlugin" line 20)
invoked from within
"LoadPlugin $name $required_version $file $plugin_namespace $init_proc"
(procedure "::plugins::LoadPlugins" line 14)
invoked from within
(procedure "load_config" line 124)
invoked from within
"load_config "
invoked from within
"if { $initialize_amsn == 1 } {
create_dir $HOME
create_dir $HOME/plugins
(file "config.tcl" line 1408)
invoked from within
"source config.tcl "
(procedure "reload_files" line 26)
invoked from within
(file "bin/msn/amsn" line 229)

I am using Suse 9.3 and it only happens if I do not use any display manager (gdm or kdm) and I start xfce.
If I use a display manager and start xfce, amsn and desktopdialog runs fine (desktopdialogs shows the dialogs using zenity)

I hope that this can help you. Congratulations for your work in this plugin. - Aug 23 2005
Hello I run amsn with your plugin under xfce (I was testing it) but amsn crashes. It seems that this happens because you only compare your variable using 'gnome' or 'kde' values,
Could you solve this? - Aug 22 2005
Taskbar v2 (flat + thumbnails)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 201 comments

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Mar 28 2005
Yes, I have the same problem with version 0.4 :( - Sep 23 2004
Mozilla Quickstarter

Utilities 19 comments

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Jun 17 2004
At the moment there are problems with the others applications not included in the menu. If I solve this I will include them again :) - Jun 18 2004
Thanks a lot for provide it :) - Jun 18 2004
are you compilig under kde 3.1.x? - Jan 17 2004
No, this version only supports mozilla. In the next version I will provide firebird support. - Jan 14 2004
Simple Installer

System Software 26 comments

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Aug 06 2004
Well I compile Kconfigure using this program... xD
This is a good example of a program make with Kommander, a nice tool. Keep the good work :) - Jun 12 2004
there is a very good program called kconfigure that does something similar.
I installed the rpm on my FC2 machine and works fine. - Jun 10 2004
Unified Plastik Desktop

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 34 comments

by rg3
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Jul 10 2005
Ok :) - May 29 2004
Thanks a lot for the info. It should be interesting a translation of the document into spanish ;) - May 27 2004
What font are you using in the screenshots and how could I download it? - May 27 2004
I have removed the lines:
Plastik=QtCurve V3

but the problem still persist :(
What should be the problem?
Anyone with FC2 has GtkQt running perfectly? - May 27 2004
I have the same problem :( - May 26 2004
Yes I have downloaded the rpm package and in .gtkrc-2.0 I have the following line:
include "/usr/share/themes/GtkQt/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"
That paths is correct and if I restart Gimp I can see the crystal Icons, but the theme used is BlueCurve.
I don't know why this happens, but if I add the plastig theme to /usr/share/themes, GtkQt detects and uses it, but I want to use Qt that I think is more convenient.
I'm very frustated :(
Any suggestion will be welcome - May 26 2004
I follow the steps in the document but gtk-qt-engine doesn't draw the gtk widgets as qt widgets. :(
I'm using Fedora Core 2 and I had the same problem on Fedora Core 1.
Anyone could help me?
Thanks - May 26 2004

GTK1 Themes 28 comments

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Jan 01 2004
In Fedora Core I select the theme in the control center an it crashes. I'm able to use the theme in gnome (but seems that there are some problems) but in kde I don't see any changes on the gtk theme. Anyone has the same problem?
This theme is great and I would like use it :( - Jan 01 2004
QSplitter mod

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 8 comments

by lkmts
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Dec 28 2003
I can't download it, the link opens a window with an image :( - Dec 29 2003