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fire boy , United States of America
Brown Touch Compact

Gnome 2 Color Schemes by mhae 8 comments

mhae, Thanks, it worked. I had no idea we were to save that file. Thanks again it's all working for me. - Jul 22 2011
Brown Touch Compact

Gnome 2 Color Schemes by mhae 8 comments

I click "DownLoad" and my firefox web page flips to a page of code is my best guess as to what is happen.
I sure wanted to try the brown colors out! - Jul 21 2011

System Software by jrfaller 87 comments

Some help please:No compression? It freezes up? scrambled file names?

Under backup options I set "Never Delete" and to "Use compression" under Extra options.
But keep will not compress any files!
The program freezes up when you select the sources to backup and click ok, you can not shut it down or cancel what you have started.

It is scrambling some of the file names when I backup to a memory stick that is fat32 formated,it's okay on a linux ext3 system. The file names look like this:
What is this???

Keep added the ";" and changed some of the letters in the file names to numbers?
Help please.TIA fireboy - Jan 10 2011

Various KDE Stuff by spookster 11 comments

when will you do a .deb package? Very,Verrrrrrrry soon I hope!!>? - May 21 2006