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Philipp Rauneker , Germany
Icon Sub-Sets
elementary MintUpdate tray icon

Icon Sub-Sets by fliptone 6 comments

There you go. Tell me if the color is alright, I don't have a dark panel. - Feb 15 2011
Faenza Variants

Icon Sub-Sets by spg76 25 comments

Excellent work.
Is it possible to include a Me-TV icon? The original Faenza icon set is missing that too. - Nov 10 2010

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 595 comments

Really nice work here.
I'm using it and my desktop looks better than ever.
Still I would also like to see icons for:

- EasyTag
- MeTV

Would be great if they could make it into the next version.
Thanks for the good stuff. - Aug 19 2010

Full Icon Themes
by Barud

Score 80.7%
9   Oct 01 2015

Full Icon Themes
by dchris

Score 82.6%
9   Oct 01 2015

Full Icon Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 82.8%
9   Jan 14 2015
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
by ubo

Score 84.7%
9   Feb 09 2011