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anony mous
The Amazing View

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by ipad
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Jan 31 2011
Just like iRaveFuzion said, upload them as the highest resolution you have the picture or the one, you think most people use. - Feb 10 2011
ipad, you have the possibility to add more download links to one artwork contribution. You can merge all these single pictures with different resolutions to one contribution. That would avoid many negative votes, because people don't like spam. - Dec 29 2010

Conky 5 comments

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Sep 08 2008
Since I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 there seems to be some kind of bug. Even if I use no transparency, the background behind the text is completely transparent and parts of the text, too. That makes the text unreadable :(
In Ubuntu 10.04 it worked great.

Here is a screenshot of the problem: - Dec 30 2010
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes 1742 comments

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Aug 23 2017
First, good job. But I really don't understand the sense in this. Who wants Linux to look almost exactly like Win7? If you like the style so much, why don't you just use Win7? - Oct 07 2010
Dark Dragon Wallpaper

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Jun 23 2011
I think it would be better without GIMP's Supernova.
1. Supernova is a stupid default filter of GIMP. There is absolutely no personal contribution in adding them.
2. Supernovas don't look good in any way. They only destroy good pictures.

Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to be destructive or insulting. This isn't criticism only in your work, but generally in all pictures that were destroyed by supernovas. - Oct 06 2010

by Palewolf

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9   Jan 12 2011
The Amazing View

Wallpaper Other
by ipad

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3   Dec 29 2010
Nature's gold

Wallpaper Other
by kartoos77

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3   Oct 07 2010
Ubuntu Water and Glass

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by Damian21214

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9   Oct 05 2010