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Lee Moore
Liquid Weather ++

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by Matti
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Jun 01 2008
Hmmm, here in the UK, Celsius is the norm and used by all TV and radio stations (including the BBC) for UK weather broadcasts, and mph is standardised on the roads and at the Met office. But there's no way of having Celsius and mph with this applet. Not unless I hack it anyway. Hmmm, if I get some time.... ;)

(In short: I think options 'C or F' and 'mph or kph' should be two separate options).

F means nothing to me. Neither does KPH. - Oct 06 2003
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

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Jan 08 2004
It's a pity the KDE team didn't implement something like this *natively* instead of Kicker. It's just so original, aesthetic and has an amazing wow factor (certainly when I'm using KDE 3.1.3 on my notebook in front of winders users). ;)

Interesting to see how it's come along too. I first noticed it a few months ago but found it awkward to configure. The new makes it so much easier, and with a drop shadow on the clock and white fonts on the taskbar, it's unreal.

Only problems remaining (for me) are, the final second of the track (noatun/xmms bar) is concealed by the prev-track arrow. Presumably a font issue on my system. And the taskbar doesn't update with apps (like when Konqueror browses to a different site) but I can live with that. It would be great if it displayed the sites favicon instead of Konq's default icon though. Not sure how possible that is under current (superkaramba 0.32) limitations. - Sep 18 2003

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Sep 13 2003
Simple, minimalist, useful and effective. Love it. :) - Sep 17 2003
Dyntaskbar and System tray

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Jun 05 2004
I really like this but I can only get the System Tray theme to work. The taskbar wont display at all, yet I get no error output. - Sep 17 2003