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Peter Jespersen Brí¸ndby, Denmark
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Qt Tools 54 comments

Score 86.1%
Jan 12 2013
Quite right - but I see Qupzilla as a part of the Qt family, not specifically the RQt or even the Qt-Desktop family. Since QupZilla is Qt based and light weight - it actually fits RQt quite well. - Mar 04 2013

Utilities 14 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 22 2007
Rather cool.

I'd just wish there was support for something like CalDaw, iCal, Jorte sync.

Many regards
Peter - Feb 11 2013

Graphic Apps 2 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 22 2012
I'll try to get more friendly with OBS, when I get the time (My thesis is up in a month). Until then I've added a binary package. - Dec 22 2012
PdfViewer (app + library)

PDF Software 51 comments

by glad
Score 81.1%
Sep 30 2012
In short - it would be very much appreciated if you create a public repo (Git/Mercurial, whatever), instead of just publishing the code through here.

BTW : I think the PDF Viewer is rather cool - enjoy using it. - Mar 24 2012

Network 8 comments

Score 58.0%
Aug 07 2011
In my book, a KISS application - done right - is pretty hard to beat and QTM is such an application. It reminds me a bit of the Mauku blog client for Maemo.

But there is one feature that I miss - and that is a spellchecker - iSpell, hunSpell, aSpell - for instance.

- Mar 16 2012
Publish the source language files (ts-files or whatever) or perhaps even better, set up a Transifex account - then let us, the users do the translations. - Mar 16 2012

Qt Tools
by sokoloff

Score 86.1%
Mar 04 2013

by IndigoJo

Score 58.0%
Mar 16 2012

System Software
by Wittfella

Score 79.5%
Mar 13 2012

System Software
by Wittfella

Score 79.5%
9   Mar 13 2012

Wallpaper Other
by Flu87

Score 55.0%
3   Sep 25 2010