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Frank Mersmann , Germany

System Software by fme 2 comments

Hello binary101101, in this case I am surprised, because I use exactly the same Python and wxPython versions. What confuses me even more is the syntax error in a simple print statement. And a memory dump I have only seen on a corrupt installation - a syntax error never should produce one.
Sorry no help ... - Oct 09 2014

Plasma 4 Extensions by mbaszczewski 445 comments

first - great work. currently i use 0.5.1 on kubuntu 9.04 (kde 4.2.2).
i would like to use the setting 'keep expanded: from the current desktop'. this setting crashes plasma. all other settings work fine. hope you can fix it. - Apr 18 2009

Email by tonypizza 42 comments

first, I like your app. in the old days, when i was a windows user, i used simplecheck, which was similar to your app.
second, i have a problem, when i try to view some mails. i get the exception from line 1243 'sorry, network error occured retrieving this e-mail'. a bit of investigation showed, that the only difference (to the messages without this problem) i could find was, that these message have more than one recipient in the 'to' line. say user1@addr1, user2@addr2. can you look at this? - Apr 26 2007