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Icon Sub-Sets by mart 48 comments

I like them a lot. Thanks for your work. - Jun 04 2005
konqueror quickfilter

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 24 comments

Thanks, this is something I wanted for ages, it should be there by default. Maybe for 3.5. - Apr 11 2005

Text Editors by aramm 16 comments

I think syntax hightlighting would be absolutely marvelous. Maybe the Kate editor component could be used, but dunno. I was looking for something similar for ages! Keep up the good work. - Feb 02 2005

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments

It would be cool if there was a entry for KDocker in the context menu of the taskbar (when you rightclick on a running app in the taksbar). - Nov 14 2004

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

Same over here... - Jul 15 2004
AKDC Beta3 preview 2(see changelog)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by jrch2k 357 comments

In kwin/Makefile comment the following lines:

tiles.h: pics/avatar.png\


tiles.h: embedtool
pics=`ls $(srcdir)/pics/*.png 2>/dev/null` ;\
./embedtool $$pics

with a leading #.
Now compiling should work, but i've no idea what problems may occur. Although windec works fine here. - Jul 07 2004