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Fredrik Fredrik Fornwall

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Apr 26 2005
I've recently changed the maximum displayed log lines from 200 to 5000. Is that enough? Otherwise I could increase it further (or make it settable). - Apr 26 2005
It seems as if kde-apps mangles the file name, so you can just rename the downloaded file ( or whatever) to and then run it normally. - May 03 2004
The file is a python program, meaning that it can be executed with "python ./". - Apr 27 2004

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Oct 12 2004
Yes that would be cool...

Unfortunately, that is much harder to do as X does not allow multiple clients to register for receiving ButtonPress events on a Window.

So why one easily can write a key logger for X, a mouse click logger is more problematic. - Oct 16 2004
Thanks for the comments and suggestions, guys!

I have added autosave and screenshot capabilities in the 0.2 version. - Oct 12 2004
cmd ioslave

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Feb 25 2004
Even if it would be possible to not accept for instance links from web pages, this would remain a security risk and not appropriate for most users.

Entering something into the location bar of your browser should IMO not be able to result in your home partition being erased, warning or no warning. So this should really only be used by those understanding the risk taken. - Mar 03 2004
Sorrry about that. I have added the missing file aclocal.m4, so it should work now. - Feb 25 2004