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Frank Prumbaum Overath, Germany

Parley Vocabulary Files by fprumbau 2 comments

I tried to use the upload function. It used to hang on authentication, so I uploaded through web interface.

As a java developer, I somehow expected a 'commit' behaviour. If that could be done through parleys internal upload, it would be fine.

I just started with commiting ( I did it with much older vocabulary program, but now with the open platform it finally makes sense ).

Thank you for this very fine program.

Besides - one thing I noticed (which was even an issue with OpenOffice); Thai uses 'annotations' above (and below) letters. If there are two like pronounciation and vocal, the line size
for editing/enterung new vocabulary is not enough.

I'm not sure If this is the right place to address this issue, but as a programmer I prefer the pragmatic way ;-). Solving this issue generally is very difficult.

Maybe there should be an option to adapt line size for asian (indian, thai, indonesian) fonts. (but the kde plasmoid gets it right, maybe because it only displays one line at a time?)

Frank Prumbaum - Apr 06 2010
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