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Dirk S.
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Mar 30 2014
Thanks for the compliment, hope you enjoy the theme - Jun 26 2014
Sounds good ;-)
Have fun... - Mar 30 2014
Please try the new version.
On my test installation it worked fine.
- Mar 30 2014
OK - This is one of the few plasmoids I never tried.
But I see the problem, it's not very good readable, especially when you use a darker wallpaper.
I will look into it on the weekend, if I can find a solution.
But I'm afraid that the switching font color is more a feature of the plasmoid, to deal with different backgrounds - but let's see what I can do.
- Mar 19 2014
This is sometimes caused due to the caching of images, icons and themes done by KDE.
Normally a Logout and Re-Login solves this.
I think this was the solution in your case also.

But I'm happy you like the theme.

Have fun... - Mar 15 2014
Hi Landis,

sounds good.
I'd like to see your work, so give me a note when your done.

Thanks. - Dec 29 2013