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Seamless desktop (idea)

Desktop Concepts 1 comment

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Sep 13 2017
Obviously, I'd like to embed into the desktop applications too.

And the window manager? Useless. - Sep 15 2017

Utilities 27 comments

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Apr 14 2013
I've uploaded two images: I see in the middle a grey box with inside a blue boxed interrogation point; the images are shown up or down it.
Here are the links of the two images:

Should the images be inside that grey box?

About the erase button: in the results list, but this modification isn't very important. - Jun 22 2012
Please, put "Remove resource" button more distant from the others.

Issue: maybe the preview of image files is outside its box.

Your software is great, the missing one of my Kde desktop. - Jun 22 2012
Green lemon Clearlooks

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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May 02 2008
Try this theme and use another wallpaper.
It's no bad like you think. - May 02 2008
I think it's fantastic.
I like these colors.
- May 02 2008
Ice icons - part 1

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

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Mar 05 2007
Yes, they must be copied manually. - Jul 18 2007
The two icons set are similar, but no equal. I don't have used its icons, i have developped my own. - Mar 07 2007
My icons are a bit differents.
I think choises make Linux free. - Mar 06 2007
nazionale italiana

GDM Themes 3 comments

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Jun 04 2007
E anche la sesta!!! - Jun 21 2007
Ice icons - part 2

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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Mar 05 2007
I have no problem to make a tutorial.
I don't have many time to develop this icon themes. If someone want it, email me:
addammo(at)tiscali(dot)it - Mar 06 2007
Linux GL ready

Cliparts 10 comments

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Nov 22 2006
There are two ways for 3D effects: aiglx and xgl. Only GL is in aiglx and xgl. READY : not all the purchasers of S-Vista will be able to use 3d effects. With Linux we can. - Nov 15 2006
This is my primordial desire. I'll apply it on my PC. - Nov 14 2006

by eusonig

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9   Jun 22 2012