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Francesco blabla Roma, Italy
Over The Hills

Wallpaper Other by ipad 1 comment

the file doesn't exist anymore on file soni.. could you re-upload it? - Jun 26 2011

Wallpaper Other by boomshop 128 comments

it don't let me install it via .deb. The error is:

"Lintian check results for /home/francesco/Scrivania/xplanetFX.deb:
E: xplanetfx: malformed-deb-archive found 4 members instead of 3"

what should i do?? - May 22 2011

Metacity Themes by samriggs 10 comments

It don't let me install it.. i'm on ubuntu 11.04.

"it isn't a valid theme" - May 22 2011
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9   Oct 21 2012