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Franklin Weng Taipei, Taiwan
Snoopy [eng]

Plasma Comic Sources by mfuchs 3 comments

It doesn't work because the web page changed. Please download the file from:

and update it or copy it to


It works now. - Dec 14 2017

Board by wrohdewald 34 comments

Hi, thanks for writing this game. I'd been expecting a traditional Chinese Mahjongg game for a very long time.

Do you have any forum or wiki to explain this game? The flow and the scoring rule are somewhat strange to me, I'd like to understand how it calculating scores.

Also, any document to explain the definition of each rule? I mean, something like "^(([wW])([eswn])){3,4}.*[mM]\3", "^([SBC][2-8])(\1\1)\b". It looks like a sendmail rule, you know.

Finally, I'm a C programmer, but this game may give me more motivation to learn python :p

Thanks! - Jun 09 2010
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Plasma 4 Extensions
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Jul 31 2009