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Frederic Nass METZ, France

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by trisz
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Oct 24 2007

Hi all,

I recommend you to use your distro's BlueProximity Package as this one does not work anymore with KDE4, because of the lack of xscreensaver (not installed as a default).

I use KDE4 with Kubuntu 8.04.1 and BP package is 1.24. You might use these commands to lock and unlock your screen :

lock : qdbus org.kde.screensaver /ScreenSaver Lock
unlock : killall -9 krunner_lock

This works here.

Also you might have a look at kbluelock, which intend to do the same thing as BlueProximity, but with a lack of functionnality and settings I think.

Also kbluemon and kblueplugd will gain your interest.

Good locking/unlocking :-)

Thank you BP team.

Fred. - Sep 12 2008